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4 Possibilities for the Meaning of LIFE

 If you believe all those heart-warming memes your lonely aunt shares on Facebook, you might think that the meaning of life is to just enjoy it, to obey god. to live, to laugh, to love. Oh please, someone choke me to death right now will you? Narration provided by JaM Advertising New Mexico www.tasteofjam.comThe idea that life has been made to be observed relates to the concept of the simulated universe, and at its heart, it claims that the purpose of life as we know it has been decided by a higher power. But it isn't God.The problem with the last entry on simulation theory is that it doesn't give meaning to the life which supposedly created our virtual world. Even if you accept that your place in the universe is insignificant, this doesn't mean that you don't matter. A more satisfying idea regarding the meaning of life is that everyone and everything has a specific purpose, and if you think about this idea biologically and statistically, it kinda rings true.

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