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Media Manipulation

Does anyone realize that every exchange of information is propagandization? The psychological manipulation techniques described in Operation Revere apply to Info Wars at least as well as to mainstream media. Instead of convincing you through fear you need Tide Detergent or Kotex tampons you need natural foods to stave off the end of your life as you know it.

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1 comment:

  1. a bit of idiocy the media is distribution, same as a film you make a film but is the distribution that makes that film get anywhere, however we all understand that you in America do not understand what America is perhaps expected. reason why American’s exist on a some kind of hologram.
    So, all that you collect is just information of a vast space meaningless on what reality is all about. You fake real news is part of this hologram that you lot exist through.
    trump and how 1492 was won, how to save America is by 1492 laws of attacking all land that belongs to the native Americans. ....!!! Mexico!!!