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Financial Meltdown Around The Corner? – Jim Rickards’ 2017 Outlook

 Could the next financial crisis be just around the corner? The signs of a looming meltdown are ‘unmistakable,’ this according to best-selling author Jim Rickards. Giving his 2017 outlook to Kitco News, he said the next crisis would be far worse than any previous one markets have experienced. ‘It could be a few years from now [but] it’s unlikely we’ll get 5 years; it’s been 8 years since the last one,’ he told Daniela Cambone. On gold, Rickards was a little less optimistic over the shorter term, calling for continued strength in the U.S. dollar to weigh on the metal. As for the Fed -- his not-so favorite topic – Rickards warned investors to ignore the noise. In his view, the central bank is just sounding a lot more hawkish than it will actually be in 2017.

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