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SHOCKING : Nostradamus Predicted Trump’s Win, Now World Could End !

SHOCK CLAIM: Nostradamus Predicted ‘Audacious’ Trump’s Victory - and Now World Could End ! Yet another Conspiracy theory.

Nostradamus predicts that the nuclear war is triggered by a genetic attack. Only 1 in three will drop dead from the bomb that attacks the heart. The death toll was suppressed by the "antidote" . He said that only a single person knew of the poison. I disagree. In fact , I found a video of the genetic bomb test. Perhaps he meant antidote.....who knows. I might be the person that knows because a brief description sounds like me. The antidote is described throughout history. The genetic bomb is activated by a comet and/or solar event. The genetic bomb threat will be very high for a couple months ( ending feb 2017 ). Another window might open later. I heard that a solar event is coming Nov 15-30. Bush 43 is predicted to be poisoned. interpretation. The poison will effect the left arm first.....coronary occlusion The death will be from radio frequencies and will effect chromosome 6

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