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Donald Trump Together To revive The American Dream

The promises made by Trump to "The People" of this country, if kept, could finally bring people together to address what needs to be fixed. The problem with elected officials is they say what everyone wants to hear but NEVER keep their promises. Time will only tell if he's a man of his word.

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  1. Anyhow the times are changing, the Americans, want the same thing; however, they have two opposites that are the same. democrats and republicans, green and libertarians, are those that the press does not like so they are ban from the media. Nevertheless, each believes still on the democrats and the republicans that are the same. Aim to defeat the media; to accomplished you have to choose those that are banned by the media “the people”, and you have defeated the system. In democracy, it means the people chose the change they wanted and contradicted the main media power. Of selection.
    Trump's campaign or anyone’s political campaign is to tell people what they need, scarcity, if you like, you appeal to scarcity. Trumps theme was wars and friendship with Russia, Clinton is the opposite, that is what disputes are, opposites. Now the people expects that the president deliver his promises which were only to “make America; America.” Both candidates pledged the same tune, with an opposite argument, however the result is more unclear than before the elections. One of the reasons is that the opposite promises were there to excite the troops, and the reality show they have. However, I do not think they planned riots after the trump nomination is just a reaction to the repressive pressure individuals now feel. Indeed, you do have a change, however is not trump, is perhaps a global change that certainly becomes inevitable and there is no captain on the boat from the long-standing guard that understands the realm. just the ancient mythological sovereigns that revive the memory of kingdoms and queens. Those ancient kings have the character and values that that the world population's demand now, the American dream has become a mythical dream, and this dream is now international. Events that shape the movements of reality and shape his future; understanding I guess is perceiving the present quantify the future events and discern them properly under the noble laws of the ancient mythical kings.


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