down the overwhelming evidence of election fraud as well as threats made by democratic operatives and what they plan to do if Donald Trump wins the election GOP Nominee Donald Trump, who has for weeks warned that the election could be rigged against him, shot out a tweet Thursday indicating that he is aware of reports of machines ‘flipping’ to register votes for Hillary Clinton, when voters choose Trump.

“A lot of call-ins about vote flipping at the voting booths in Texas,” Trump tweeted.

“People are not happy. BIG lines. What is going on?” numerous reports of early voters in Texas seeing their ballots flipped from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton.

While election officials have dismissed the reports, suggesting ‘user error’ is to blame, tech experts have long warned that the machines can become less accurate over time.

Larry Norden, a voting technology expert, told NPR that the reports usually arise where outdated technology is being employed.

“Over time, as people vote, that calibration becomes less and less accurate,” Norden noted. TRUMP Hillary "Donald Trump" "Hillary Clinton" U.S. USA America "American Dream" Democratic Republican 2016 2017 election vote future elite truth lies secret fire burn collapse emails server media entertainment trends trending "make america great again" "stronger together" win leader winner jobs employment power control poverty poor prepare survival "emergency supplies" "elite nwo agenda" alex jones david icke gerald celente soros sorros jim rogers illuminati puppet rothschild rothchilds system end game fema camp riots prepper national guard symbolism obama 3rd term third term president During elections over the past decade and more there have been reports of voting machines ‘flipping’. Indeed, the reports were so widespread that even entertainment shows such as The Simpsons drew attention to it: Roger Stone breaks down how the left have been attacking and subverting the efforts to keep a close on the election. Immigration laws are being ignored to an unprecedented extent.

The Democrats are worried about Russia interfering with our elections but are ignoring the law being broken and domestic interference via illegal immigrants. Could it be an illegal alien canvasing your neighborhood begging you to vote for Hillary Clinton, the criminal candidate that will fight for the 750,000 illegals under DACA that has already been struck down by the Supreme Court?

The propaganda shills at the Washington Post report quote “Four years after the DACA program was launched, many of the beneficiaries are still in a kind of limbo, unsure about whether their status would be renewed under a President Trump and concerned that their family members could be deported.”

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