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BREAKING: WikiLeaks Shows WH And DNC Coordinated With Clinton To Rig Primary

ED HENRY: What appears to be or flat out is coordination between the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee before Hillary Clinton even announced that she was running for president. Remember, the White House in December of 2014 and the Democratic National Committee insisted they were neutral in this entire race. We learned later that wasn’t true, now we are getting even more evidence. An email between Robby Mook and Cheryl Mills. These are obviously two very senior aides to Hillary Clinton.

December 2014, “I will definitely have a conversation with her once Simas [David Simas the political director at the White House] gets Debbie Wasserman Shultz and Amy, [her chief of staff], aligned. I also went to get her help on Iowa planning next week."

Planning about the Iowa caucuses in December of 2014? The Clinton camp working with the Democratic National Committee and the White House? This suggests they rigged this long before Hillary Clinton even announced. And it draws the White House in. Because David Simas is mentioned throughout this email exchange. And so the White House keeps saying, for more than a year they were neutral in the race, they were working with Hillary Clinton’s camp. The context here is they were working on hiring someone to focus on general election planning efforts. Fine, the White House wants a Democrat to be elected in the general election. We get that. The White House, the DNC were working with the Clinton campaign. This is now revealed for all the world to see.

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