Fascist Trump Versus Communist Killary Battle on a Sinking Ship

trump had several opportunities to destroy her but didnt see them

The problem here is - there's a big assumption that Hillary wants to "salvage it" - when she may not. She may actually want the complete destruction of the US - in order to usher in their New World Order. So the comparisons are not strictly balanced. One candidate wants to perpetuate a dream - the other wants us all to wake up to a UN-run nightmare. No one can prepare to survive in the later scenario; not even those from the Dollar Vigilante. If Hillary gets in - it's game over.

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  1. globalist do not panic they own TRUMP AND HILLARY: AIPAC HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE your master and the us army NATO are the armed forces of the AIPAC empire Obama the king of the world but AIPAC OWNS OBAMA & AMERICA and its citizens. main media Hollywood and the coming elections so keep dreaming-until next election.


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