ANONYMOUS - OBAMA and PUTIN sends signals for the NEW WORLD ORDER

 Anonymous presents to you the signals produced by Barack Obama and Putin for the new world order.

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  1. Alex, China has been trying to reform in all ways from their hard core totalitarian communist past. To suggest otherwise is not honest. they have 1,300,000,000 people to change in regard to every element of life, and bring much of china from the mideaval level to modern technological advancements.
    they are now leading in sciences and space developments. Obama shouldn´t dare talk about killing in the millions. Obama and Bush, Clinton, have all the false names of isis, daesch, etc, but the americans cannot be out done for pure MASS MURDERS by the millions. the globalist elitists in the USA are out to impoverish the middle class and take their rights and powers away so that they can totally control you, as evidenced EVERYEHWERE today now. America is collapsing now, and your government likes it that way, as they can control you in FEMA camps, and GMO foods, bio chips in your body.
    Your humanity has been reduced to that of a cow in an animal farm.
    ANd this evil deamon Clinton thinks that you are expected to support her.
    There massive drug dealing from Afghanistan to Mena, Arkensas, isn´t enought for them. Shared with Bush family etc.The isrealis pretend to like america because the money is good. The extortion and weapons are good. Both usa and isreal wrapped up in false religious pretenses to put a good face on their evil. They have nuclear shelters for THEM but NOT for YOU.


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