The Incompetence of Central Banks - Monetary Enslavement & Never Ending Debt

In this video, Josh Sigurdson is joined by John Sneisen, author and economic analyst who breaks down the absolute incompetence of central banks and centrally planned economies. The recent dramatically low interest rates and the negative interest rates beginning to unfold world wide as the government and private central banks rob the people's bank accounts, how paper money is doomed to fail and how it's all by design. 
We use examples from around the world and talk about the past and future of the Federal Reserve (Paul Volcker, Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen) as well as Mario Draghi's insane destruction of the European economy through the European Central Bank. 
You want to know why there are so many poor people? You want to know why jobs are low while taxes and inflation are constantly on the rise to devastating levels? Look no further! 
We at WAM are all about bringing you information that will keep you and your family safe. It may be our opinions but you can see that we have the info to back us up! Insure yourself!

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  1. How can these people be so dumb as to say that the central banks are "incompetent?" The bankers know exactly what they are doing and it fits their purpose perfectly. They are not fools, they are knaves.


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