MATRIX EXPOSED: Where Television REALLY comes from! (R$E)

An Exclusive look into the inner workings of the Alien Matrix Projection that is coming to the earth from the Abyss.

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  1. The vision is the links how do you link images,

  2. 175.000 years ago the dinosaurs disappear, and got replaced, today we are facing the same dilemma in 2016 the dinosaur’s rulers of the planet are under a fierce battle with planet earth, the survival of the species, we know the planet dictates the rules, discernment however is the? as the answer is the new being. The vision is the links how do you link images, images have context, X how they can they be interpreted. Is possible the reality is the perception of the x interpretations at a particular time and moment in time & space. Time being past present and future shapes the form of the realm it remains the past the present and the future.


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