Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Brussels False Flag Attack Gladio B and Nuclear Cover Up

Here is the unreported news about the Brussels Terrorist False flag attacks that you will not hear about on the MSM.
Please click this link for forbidden knowledge - http://www.answers.com/Q/Who_is_Wormwood
Some serious questions are raised about the Brussels terror attacks in this video that have not been raised anywhere else, including in other videos on the subject I have seen. Clearly the vast majority of the Security and Intelligence Services are fighting the good flight, but questions needs to be asked as to what it was reported after the Paris terror attacks that Belgium never passed information to the French and now we are hearing that Belgium Intelligence (the home of NATO) did not pass info to their own police force. And how did Erdogan appear to have advanced knowledge of this "in the next few days". Some serious questions need to be asked but yet again the main stream media is letting us down badly

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  1. the end of the arms race is approaching the second part of the 1989 agreement is now fulfilling.
    arms industry ceases to be; people are getting drained of blowing people up for unknown reasons, and blowing themselves, all across the board. war is now abolished as it no longer makes sense, there is no winner just losers, no ideology just chaos, the end of wars is not a tragedy is just more time to have exciting ideas and twisting reactions.


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