Sunday, May 24, 2015

World War 3 on September 21 2017? Prophecies and Astrology

 Could World War 3 occur on September 21 2017? By a launching of missiles by the Antichrist Russian President Putin? Prophecies and Astrology. Nostradamus Prophecy indicates Putin is the Antichrist 666 of Book of Revelation chapter 13, who causes Armageddon, World War 3. A total solar eclipse over the U.S. in August 2017 may be a sign of World War 3 coming in September 2017.

Predictions of the future by by prophecies (Revelation and Nostradamus) and Astrology.

Predictions of world events for 2017 by prophecies and Astrology. The rise of the Antichrist Putin in Russia. Bible Book of Revelation prophecies of the Antichrist whose number is 666.

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  1. America is the most evil entity on earth. Putin has not invaded 50 countries and killed 43 million people. Putin does not have 1,000 military bases around the world to intimidate all the other nations on earth.
    Typical American bullshit. The world has had to put up with this fake biblical bullshit from America for far too long.

  2. big ditto on the above comment

  3. Yes typical USA insanity !
    Devil it is a very nice boy comparing with this degenerate lunacy called USA !

  4. ARMAGEDDON 2017 ?

    GOD’S judgment on “that day” is pictured in Isaiah Chapters 13 to 24 .
    Isaiah colorfully narrates the fall of Nations and of the World in General. The phrase “that day” characterizes a time when GOD will judge HIS enemies; with judgment directed against both the enemies of GOD’s holy people, “the nations” and “Israel” herself, or at least the enemies of GOD in her midst.

    The function of the references to the “day of vengeance” is thus, both to warn the ungodly and to assure the faithful of the certainty and nearness of their deliverance.

    The fall of Babylon

    Revelation 17:9-13 depicts the wicked merchant city - “mystery Babylon” – practicing her trade with the 7 “Kings” during the last 70 years of ‘world kingdom’. In the records of Scripture large marts of commerce are often compared to harlots seeking many lovers, that is, they court merchants of all nations, and take in any one for the sake of gain (Na 3:4; Re 18:3). The 8th “Head-King” of the world empire system will receive the power and authority of his 10 “horn-kings”; and by GOD’s ordination, these “lovers” will devastate the “great city” and plunder her wealth.
    (These will also battle against the Lamb Yahshua Messiah at the great day of El Shaddai at the place called Armageddon (“hill city of declaring a message” or “showing forth of his precious fruit”). And then they will go off into destruction.)

    Out of the chaos and confusion following the fall of Babylon, Antichrist (666) will manifest himself with an intensity of iniquity greater than ever before.

    A assembly of confederated nations united with the 8th head is the new superpower, » another “Babylon” (the meaning of Babylon is confusion) « will be the centre of prefigured prosperity and security and the centre of infidelity, “socialism-communism”, and false spiritualism. The head with the spirit of Antichrist is the summing up and concentration of the entire world evil that pre-ceded. It is the eighth head, but yet one of the seven (Rev 17:11).

    YHVH’s people have victory over the beast, over his image, his mark and the number of his name (Rev 15:2) by choosing to drink of the LORD’s cup and to be baptized with the baptism HE was baptized with (Matt 20:22-23, Mark 8:31).

    The abyss beast in Revelation Chapter 13 is understood to refer also to the Antichrist, the man of lawlessness (2 Thessalonians 2:3-4; Daniel 9:27). During the last days before Messiah’s return, the evil world system will be controlled by the personified Antichrist. A visible Antichrist will stand at the head of the world kingdom disguised as a minister of light.

    For further information regarding: »MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT« please go to e.g. (Chapter 7)

    For further information regarding: »ARMAGEDDON 2017« please go to e.g.


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