Sunday, May 24, 2015

David Icke ~ Accessing Higher Levels of Consciousness

Pondering the days, the dark energy around us will reach critical mass
until then we all run around in circles CHASING THE MOONN
And what can we do, but look to one another ALWAYS CONFUSED
Maybe I could avoid it, maybe I could be one to anoit it.
THROUGH AUDIO WAVES, That penetrate ya soul and make ya feel whole
not like the shit ya hear on the radio it just seems all the same y aknow.
Coming together we need this indomitable will like MAHATMA GANDI SAID IT COMES FROM WITHIN. And dont be your own fake, a man never knows his own strength until he has to give in and before you judge ANOTHER MAN make sure your right with yourself inside. And most people are REPRESSIBLE nowadays, they take your own personality and wear it DAYS! all I know it darkest rainbows are coming so ya know, but we gotta escape we gotta make right for things weve thrown away. OVER AND OVER it seems its never gonna end its never gonna mend, But we gotta be RIGHT, we gotta patch all the wounds we LEFT INSIDE!

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