Thursday, May 28, 2015


There is some study currently underway to show that solar activity may have some influence on earthquakes, mostly from coronal holes (which aren't really holes, just variations of magnetic fields on the sun). For one, there is no real planetary alignment on May 28th. Venus, Jupiter, and Mars do have an alignment this week-end, but it's strictly a light show to see all 3 in the night sky in close proximity. I can't explain how your source has determined previous earthquakes, unless he is a sun watcher. It's been mathematically proven that - if you calculate the combined gravity of all planets in our solar system - they exert less influence on Earth than the Moon. If other planets affected us, then we should see earthquakes on Mars (for example) when the Earth, Jupiter, and Mercury align.

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  1. everything is related and the planet looks is shaking itself up, cleaning up itself. just like a dog drying himself up. humans are somehow drops of water on the dog's coat. perhaps time for tea, have a pause on this automatic wars,they create a lot of sound & heat and pollution, and cause a lot of unnatural events.


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