September 13th, 2015 Will Be Big Clean Up Day

German-American Dr. Leonard Coldwell with Jeff Rense, March 31, 2015. 14:05 "September 13th, 2015 will be Big Clean Up Day".

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  1. is more the system that is collapsing, the current methods, however the same system rewinds itself, the dollar collapse is the collapse of the system its rewind is the same dollar however just as domestic. a central symbol becomes the rewind of the system, a big brother, however chosen by the system. is the pyramids principle of the system.

  2. god is not blessing america in fact it send AIPAC alias the devil so you folks wake up: OBAMA ignores natures warnings: the ring of fire OBAMA he ignores it just like Ferguson riots until it does happen , however between Yellowstone and Ferguson there are two worlds apart.!!! God is sending messages get out of Ukraine and liberate Palestine, forget AIPAC: otherwise the big one is coming and them it will be too late..and you shall see the difference between FERGUSON & the big ONE.. "Yellowstone volcano" LIVE:


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