Join us for a visit with author, survivalist and the founder of survivalblog James Wesley Rawles. James and I talk about the impending collapse of the US economy and the treason within our own government which has led directly to the fast tracking of the SECRETIVE TPP, the treaty which will completely gut what's left of our economy once its fully implemented. As for the sorry excuse that are our elected Representatives James says, "It is very discouraging to see what has happened with our nation with the absolute arrogance of our elected Representatives who have absolutely forgotten WHO they represent and WHO they are ultimately answerable to, WE the people. I guess they need to be reminded of that and unfortunately I don't think they'll be fully reminded of that unless or until a few of them become the recipients of tall trees and short ropes."

As for the fragile state of the US economy and our near future, Rawles concludes, "The US dollar has been repudiated by the majority of our trading partners, most Americans are blissfully unaware of that fact... the American people are going to wake up some morning and say, 'what happened?' The stock market is going to be in free fall, the banks will all be closed, it's going to make Greece seem small in comparison... people need to wake up to these threats."

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