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Prophecy, End Times & Ancient Astronomy -- Coast To Coast AM - May 26, 2015

Coast To Coast AM - May 26, 2015 Prophecy, End Times & Ancient Astronomy

In the first half, founder of End Time Ministries, Rev. Irvin Baxter, discussed prophecies in the Book of Revelation that seven trumpets will sound before the end of the age, and the second coming of Jesus Christ. He believes five of the seven have already sounded. The first trumpet was WWI, the second was WWII, while the third was the Chernobyl accident (referred to as "Wormwood" in the Bible), and the fourth was the fall of the Berlin Wall, he suggested. The fifth trumpet sounded during the Gulf War-- the Bible speaks of smoke from a bottomless pit of fire that blocks the sun, which Baxter correlated with the oil well fires around Kuwait.

According to his interpretation, the sixth trumpet will sound and four angels will emanate from the Euphrates River in the Middle East, which will mark the beginning of WWIII, in which one third of the Earth's population will die. In the wake of this war, he says prophecy foresees the rise of Europe as the center of world power and the recreation of the Roman empire, as well as the home of the Antichrist (leader of the one-world religion), and the False Prophet (leader of the one-world government). This will also be the time when the 'Mark of the Beast' (likely an ID number) will be required to buy and sell, as well as a pledge of allegiance to this new world order, he warned.


One of the world's leading researchers of freemasonry, sacred geometry and ancient astronomy, Christopher Knight, discussed his latest work which makes the case for a deliberate design to the universe using detailed astronomical data which he uncovered while researching the science of the Neolithic (late Stone Age) people of Western Europe. The development of intelligent life is the result of extremely rare circumstances, and it's likely Earth may be the only planet where such conditions occurred, he remarked.

Ancient structures like Stonehenge show incredibly accurate systems of measurement, and a deep understanding of nature, beyond what we have today, said Knight, adding that their measurements reveal a connection between the Earth, the sun, and moon not seen elsewhere. This led Knight to conclude "there was a super-creator that created the Earth, moon, and sun for the purpose of producing humans." He also delved into his research into who built the moon, explaining that it appears to be an artificial structure that was constructed for the express purpose of fostering life on Earth. He postulated that humans, time traveling from the future, might have created it.
Coast To Coast AM - May 26, 2015 Prophecy, End Times & Ancient Astronomy

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