Friday, March 27, 2015

Operation Gladio: The Secret War -- Stuff They Don't Want You to Know

 At the close of WWII, US allies created secret, "stay-behind" armies, designed to protect the population in the event of a Communist invasion. So why are they linked with terrorist groups? What were these secret armies actually doing, and - perhaps more importantly - did they ever stop?

 Spotting Government-sponsored Terrorism. Tip 1. Legitimate terrorists groups fight for a specific goal, and don’t pledge themselves to other terrorist groups, let alone those which aren’t even on the same continent. Terror groups do receive recruits from all over the world who will travel to the area in which the group is fighting in order to take part. However, it is ridiculous to think that the FARC in Colombia will pledge itself to the IRA in Ireland, and will start blowing up cafes in Colombia in order to further the cause of Irish Independence. We are told that ISIS fights to create a caliphate in IRAQ and SYRIA.  Groups committing violence in Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan and Niger do nothing to further this cause. Franchising is a Western idea, and applies to business not to warfare. The only reason for other terror groups, completely unrelated and geographically separated from the ISIS cause to pledge fealty to ISIS is that they were told to do so. By whom? By their controllers, the people who financially support them. Who might they be? Intelligence agencies of one or more nations that benefit from the existence of the “ISIS threat”.

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  1. arab league is worse than ISIS they are the terrorist in short their aim is to kill muslims and they have being doing that since 1900. so honest arab folks get away from the arab league is poison, hope someday when the washington AIPAC nazi regime decides it has killed sufficient muslims will peace and prosperity will exist on the muslim world. until them muslims are targets of AIPAC ..!


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