Friday, March 27, 2015

Road to WW3 -- Ukraine, Major Offensive Soon

 Greek deposits flow out of Greek banks, lowest in 10 years. Homelessness soars in UK. GDP final at 2.2%, the boost to GDP was Obamacare. NY Post reports that the stock market is rigged. US concerned about China's banking system security, the can't get through the encryption. Russian's payment system will produce cards in December. Turkey continually takes freedoms away from their people. Kiev now receiving Bradley tanks from the US. Kiev bringing heavy artillery up to the contact line. New declassified report shows Israel has nuclear weapons. Airstrikes from Saudi Arabia/US continue against the Yemen people. Assad says US-coalition forces really not going after the terrorism in Syria.

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  1. arab league is worse than ISIS they are the terrorist in short their aim is to kill muslims and they have being doing that since 1900. so honest arab folks get away from the arab league is poison, hope someday when the washington AIPAC nazi regime decides it has killed sufficient muslims will peace and prosperity will exist on the muslim world. until them muslims are targets of AIPAC ..!


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