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America helping Israel in its aggression against Gaza -- Mike Rivero

What Really Happened Radio Show: Michael Rivero Monday August 4 2014: (Commercial Free Video)

Michael Rivero is the webmaster of and host of the What Really Happened radio shows on the Republic Broadcasting Network. Formerly with NASA, Michael transitioned his image processing skills (along with a brief stint as an actor) into the then-new motion picture computer animation field and has worked on films such as "Star Trek", "The Day After Tomorrow", and has supervised visual effects on "Brainscan," "LOST", and "Hawaii Five-0." Michael has taken a sabbatical from film work to focus all his efforts on peace activism. Michaels foray into blogging began before the word was even invented, and happened almost by accident when he spotted a suspicious photograph being broadcast on ABC news in 1994 related to the death of White House deputy Council Vincent Foster. Since that sudden beginning, Michaels website has expanded to cover diverse topics including the JFK assassination, the accidental shoot-down of TWA 800, election fraud, health issues, Saddams non-existent nuclear weapons, 9-11, the economy, and of course, the lies used to trick the United States into wars of conquest on Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Iran. Michael resides in Hawaii with his wife Claire, who is a composer and creates much of theme music used on the What Really Happened radio show.

High Probability Of An Event In August While Congress Is On Vacation

DoJ Subpoenas GM over subprime loans. Eurasian countries are now set to choose a common currency. illegals are coming into the US from 75 different countries. Obama is waiting for congress to take their break to make his next move. Sovereign citizens are now at the top of the list of terrorists. Fighting in Ukraine continues, meanwhile Russia launches military drills along the border of Ukraine. Israel continues destroying the infrastructure in Gaza, but never shows any evidence that Hamas has weapons. US shipping in 1000 M-16 rifles into Lebanon because of the uprising of the Sunni tribes. Ebola false flag still being used to scare everyone. The central bankers/US Government now claim they have a vaccine and the patent points to evidence they are creating a bio-weapon.

China Plans to Collapse U.S. Dollar | Fabian Calvo

- The U.S. Dollar is fading ►1:00
- Civil war in the middle east and the petrodollar ►4:16
- The Federal Reserve and the "Global Economic Reset" ►8:05
- Derivative market collapse and its effect on the average person ►12:32
- How to prepare for the Global Economic Reset ►15:07
- What events could halt the reset? ►18:57

What Happened to the WTC Gold on 9/11?

In this edition of "Questions For Corbett" James answers questions on his new Federal Reserve documentary, the eugenics agenda, Christine Lagarde's numerology, ebola, BRICS and much more.

Why the Financial Crisis Happened: Debt, Economy & the Stock Market -- Paul Krugman

Why the Financial Crisis Happened: Debt, Economy & the Stock Market - Paul Krugman (2008)

The financial crisis of 2007--2008, also known as the Global Financial Crisis and 2008 financial crisis, is considered by many economists the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s. It resulted in the threat of total collapse of large financial institutions, the bailout of banks by national governments, and downturns in stock markets around the world. In many areas, the housing market also suffered, resulting in evictions, foreclosures and prolonged unemployment. The crisis played a significant role in the failure of key businesses, declines in consumer wealth estimated in trillions of U.S. dollars, and a downturn in economic activity leading to the 2008--2012 global recession and contributing to the European sovereign-debt crisis. The active phase of the crisis, which manifested as a liquidity crisis, can be dated from August 9, 2007, when BNP Paribas terminated withdrawals from three hedge funds citing "a complete evaporation of liquidity".

The bursting of the U.S. housing bubble, which peaked in 2006,[5] caused the values of securities tied to U.S. real estate pricing to plummet, damaging financial institutions globally.[6][7] The financial crisis was triggered by a complex interplay of policies that encouraged home ownership, providing easier access to loans for (lending) borrowers, overvaluation of bundled sub-prime mortgages based on the theory that housing prices would continue to escalate, questionable trading practices on behalf of both buyers and sellers, compensation structures that prioritize short-term deal flow over long-term value creation, and a lack of adequate capital holdings from banks and insurance companies to back the financial commitments they were making.[8][9][10][11] Questions regarding bank solvency, declines in credit availability and damaged investor confidence had an impact on global stock markets, where securities suffered large losses during 2008 and early 2009. Economies worldwide slowed during this period, as credit tightened and international trade declined.[12] Governments and central banks responded with unprecedented fiscal stimulus, monetary policy expansion and institutional bailouts. In the U.S., Congress passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Many causes for the financial crisis have been suggested, with varying weight assigned by experts.[13] The U.S. Senate's Levin--Coburn Report concluded that the crisis was the result of "high risk, complex financial products; undisclosed conflicts of interest; the failure of regulators, the credit rating agencies, and the market itself to rein in the excesses of Wall Street."[14] The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission concluded that the financial crisis was avoidable and was caused by "widespread failures in financial regulation and supervision," "dramatic failures of corporate governance and risk management at many systemically important financial institutions," "a combination of excessive borrowing, risky investments, and lack of transparency" by financial institutions, ill preparation and inconsistent action by government that "added to the uncertainty and panic," a "systemic breakdown in accountability and ethics," "collapsing mortgage-lending standards and the mortgage securitization pipeline," deregulation of over-the-counter derivatives, especially credit default swaps, and "the failures of credit rating agencies" to correctly price risk.[15] The 1999 repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act effectively removed the separation between investment banks and depository banks in the United States.[16] Critics argued that credit rating agencies and investors failed to accurately price the risk involved with mortgage-related financial products, and that governments did not adjust their regulatory practices to address 21st-century financial markets.[17] Research into the causes of the financial crisis has also focused on the role of interest rate spreads.[18]

In the immediate aftermath of the financial crisis palliative fiscal and monetary policies were adopted to lessen the shock to the economy.[19] In July 2010, the Dodd--Frank regulatory reforms were enacted to lessen the chance of a recurrence.

BREAKING: ISIS Takes Control Of Mosul Dam Could Flood Baghdad!!

SIS could flood Baghdad and destroy 280 miles of farm land as they take control of the Mosul Dam

ISIS is in a position to threaten the entirety of Iraq after seizing the country's largest hydroelectric dam from the Kurds, Alan Duke and Hamdi Alkhshali reported for CNN citing a Kurdish Peshmerga commander. The Mosul Dam had been under the protection of Kurdish fighters until August 3, when an ISIS advance pushed the Kurds out of border cities and the control of the dam after 24 hours of fighting. The Kurds had warned for weeks that they were stretched thin along their 650-mile long border with Iraq's ISIS-controlled region. Read more:

Michael Savage on Ebola Virus Panic - August 4, 2014

Radio Commentary by Michael Savage Aired on August 4, 2014

Michael Savage covers the latest outbreak of ebola and the long history of the development of bio weapons. Michael Savage also breaks down the Obama administration's incredible arrogance as another deadline to sign up for Obamacare is pushed back yet again, illustrating how the executive branch acts unilaterally to alter laws.

NYCs Mount Sinai Hospital Is Testing Patient with Signs of Ebola!

Mount Sinai Hospital is performing tests on a patient who had recently traveled to a West African Mount Sinai Hospital is performing tests on a patient who had recently traveled to a West African country where Ebola has been reported, the hospital says.

A male patient with high fever and gastrointestinal symptoms came to the hospital's emergency room on Monday morning, officials said.

The hospital says the patient has been placed in strict isolation and is undergoing medical screenings to determine the cause of his symptoms.

The Alex Jones Show(VIDEO Commercial Free) Monday August 4 2014: Shooter Jennings

On this Monday August 4 edition of the Alex Jones Show Alex continues his coverage of the Ebola scare as dozens showing signs of the disease are caught sneaking into the United States. Alex also looks at the government's war on self-sufficiency as the feds shut down a seed library in Pennsylvania. On today's worldwide broadcast Alex talks with Shooter Jennings, the son of country music legend Waylon Jennings. Shooter will release his latest album, a tribute to George Jones, on August 5. Alex covers other important news items and takes your calls on today's transmission.

Ebola Cases Spreading Like Fire In West Africa Nigeria added to The list as physician gets Ebola

Nigeria added to list as physician gets Ebola

NIGERIAN authorities said yesterday that a doctor in Lagos who treated a Liberian victim of Ebola has contracted the virus, the second confirmed case in sub-Saharan Africa’s largest city.

Health Minister Onyebuchi Chukwu, who confirmed the positive test, said 70 other people believed to have come into contact with the Liberian were being monitored, with eight placed in quarantine

The #1 Reason Why the Fed Taper Will CRASH the Stock Market

The Fed has been made their QE program wind down with a taper which hasn't effected the markets quite yet. However, the market hasn't realized that interest rates are kept low by means of Open Market Operations. This requires the Fed to go into the market, buy up the garbage debt, which forces the interest rates down. Now with this taper, it will send interest rates sky high.

The stock market will crash and so will the economy. Brace for impact.

 Reserve has made it abundantly clear that it is ending its quantitative easing (QE) bond and mortgage buying program (the Fed has already slashed it from $85 billion a month to $25 billion/month)
Mortgage rates have been falling for 30 years in a virtually straight line.
"a housing bubble in Canada that could lead to a drop in property value of nearly 40% in some markets, according to a report by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives."
People are only able to afford rising home prices, because of historically low interest rates. Prices are rising because interest rates are historically low.

SURVEILLANCE DRONE FUTURE - Big Brother Drone Surveillance Coming to a City Near You

Reacting to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' unveiling of prototype Octocopters that would deliver items weighing up to 2.3kg to customers within 30 minutes of an order being placed online, Rep. Ted Poe (R-Texas) cautioned that without careful regulations, "companies could use drones for information gathering whether that is taking a photograph of your patio furniture or recording the make and model of your car."

"Coloradans will accept this technology only if they are certain their privacy is protected and that Americans won't be victims of surveillance or privacy abuse by private unmanned aerial system operators," said Udall.

Many have speculated that the only way to deter theft of the drones or the products they are delivering to customers will be to attach high-tech surveillance cameras to the devices that would feed live video footage back to a central database.

"One solution that has been floated is installing cameras on the drones, but just the mention of eyes in the sky got America's privacy-obsessed sections seething," reports FirstPost.
The Octocopters set to be used by Amazon are designed to carry cameras weighing up to 5 pounds.

The U.S. Army said its latest defense technology — a vehicle-mounted laser — has passed a recent test with flying colors, successfully shooting a drone from the sky and intercepting and destroying several mortar rounds.

The technology probably won't be completely operational and ready for mission until 2022, because developers are going to be working on increasing the power and range of the lasers. And the Army still has decide whether or not to buy the system, officials said to AFP.

Customs and Border Protection, which operates under DHS, says that the Predator B drone was being flown on a "border security mission" 20 miles southwest of San Diego when it encountered an unknown mechanical failure.

By 2016, CBP wants drones flying in domestic airspace 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure a so-called "layered security strategy."

DARPA and the US Army have taken the wraps off ARGUS-IS, a 1.8-gigapixel video surveillance platform that can resolve details as small as six inches from an altitude of 20,000 feet (6km), ExtremeTech reports.

The U.S. State Department canceled its $1 billion surveillance drone competition, saying none of the proposals met its requirements, according to the U.S. government's Federal Business Opportunities website.

The State Department "plans to examine closely the requirements stipulated in the solicitation with the intent of developing and releasing a new" request for drone proposals, according to the notice.

The Texas legislature passed a bill this past weekend that would see a blanket ban on capturing moving or still images on private property with an unmanned drone.

The legislation, House Bill 912, authored by Rep. Lance Gooden, R-Terrell, will make it a Class C misdemeanor for anyone to use a drone for surveillance of an individual without their prior consent. Further distributing any images captured as a result of such activity will be a class B misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $10,000.

The bill states that "Each image a person possesses, discloses, displays, distributes, or otherwise uses in violation of this section is a separate offense. An offense under this section for the disclosure, display, distribution, or other use of an image is a Class B misdemeanor."

Exceptions to the legislation, known as the 'Texas Privacy Act', will be police use of drones to pursue known felons or conduct criminal investigations. Using drones to investigate misdemeanors will require a warrant. In addition, use of drones to survey accidents, disasters or potential hazardous spills will be permitted

Cold Civil War

In a recent CNN interview, Glenn Beck expressed his concern that the US is in a “Cold Civil War” and dangerously close to it becoming hot; is there still time for the American people to come together in the hopes of averting a Second American Civil War?

Inside America's Capital Punishment Crisis

One in ten death row inmates are innocent. In Arizona and Texas, the execution capital of America, we hear from two inmates who have spent years awaiting the lethal injection for crimes they deny committing.

"There are plenty of people here who think if you're guilty of murder you should be taken out back and hung from the nearest tree", says Sara Kinney from the Houston Prosecutor's Office. Yet those sentenced to death cost the taxpayer 2 million dollars each, a far higher sum than life imprisonment. "You can hear people crying in the night here. It's difficult to watch people die over and over", says inmate Hank Skinner. For 19 years he has been held in isolation. Three years ago he was just 10 minutes away from execution when the Supreme Court said there was insufficient DNA evidence and delayed his sentence. "We have a system where you're supposed to be presumed innocent. When somebody gets charged here, they're presumed guilty", says lawyer Mike Kimerer.

EBOLA END GAME: Gun confiscation thru medical martial law

Ebola news: Obama brings in ebola virus after signing executive order to detain sick Americans, Ebola: covert op in hypnotized world and Western Drug firms block treatments for ebola

ISIS Militants Take Over More Territory in Iraq

ISIS Terror Group Takes Over 2 More Towns In Iraq - Lt Col Ralph Peters - America's Newsroom

Islamist militants in Iraq have seized two new towns, widening their control after threatening to move on Baghdad.

The Sunni-led Islamists advanced into Diyala province in the east - near Iran and close to the capital - having seized Mosul and Tikrit to the north.

The UN says hundreds have been killed - with militants carrying out summary executions of civilians in Mosul, including 17 civilians in one street.

The US says it is looking at "all options", including military action.

Led by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), the insurgents have threatened to push to the capital, Baghdad and regions further south dominated by Iraq's Shia Muslim majority, whom they regard as "infidels".

7 Steps Leading to Global Economic Reset

I don't know how many American assets have been promised to or sold to foreign entities to date, so I can't make an accuate prediction of when the reset will happen. All I know is that, before the end, the criminals who are running things will steal most of the private retirement plans, most bank accounts, outlaw the private ownership of gold, eliminate the 2nd amendment by Presidential Decree or UN Treaty, sell all the management of our sea and aircraft ports, sell the National Parks, sell the BLM land, sell the Interstate system, and basically gut the former US. Sorry to say, but there are still countless trillions of dollars left to be looted by these criminals. It could take a decade or more before 'Merica is turned into one gigantic slave plantation.

The State as Secular Religion -- Stefan Molyneux

0:38 - Has the progressive movement ever cared about the poor?

48:33 - What do you think about defensive voting?

58:20 - Why don't I want to have children?

1:40:22 - Electronic Babysitters Rant

1:49:20 - I had a child with a abusive women and now I can't find love, what should I do?

2:35:25 - How can I end my perpetual fight or flight as I'm stalked by dangerous past?

Includes: statism as religion, government makes idiots matter, not having kids, fogging out over bad parenting, the myth of mental illness, electronic babysitter rant, vampire vaginas, learning self defense and escaping helplessness.

How World Bank & IMF Plan to “Dismantle” Ukrainian Economy

West looks to ramp up gas production, as Vice President Biden’s son named leader in Ukrainian gas company Burisma

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