Argentina Inflation, Devaluation, & Default Are Future of U.S. Economy!

In a globalized world, nations are subject to the faults of other nations. Currencies can be COLLAPSED by the touch of a button from half way around the world. Argentina has suffered a destructive blow to their economy and it's getting worse. Many of the reasons why this is occurring will most likely occur in the U.S. in a matter of time.
The U.S. has the Fed to backstop a COLLAPSE but in doing so will HYPERINFLATE the Dollar as a result.

Argentine Peso Slides as Officials Say Currency Is Under Attack
Argentina Declared in Default by S&P as Talks Fail
UPDATE 1-Argentine inflation quickens for first time in 6 months in July
An Argentine Dictator’s Legacy
Following the war, they experienced hyperinflation. By 1923, one U.S. dollar was equal to one trillion marks. This was said to have contributed to the rise of Hitler.

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