Sunday, August 31, 2014

Webster Tarpley : Ukraine the birth place for WW3

Webster Tarpley: Latest 30/08/2014

American People Reject Demand of Kiev Fascists for US Protection via NATO Membership; Many Fascist Contingents Encircled in East Ukraine; Syrian Foreign Minister Moallem Offers to Work with Any Nation to Crush McCain’s Friends of ISIS, but US and French Hypocrites Refuse; McConnell at Koch Confab Pledges More Genocidal Austerity If GOP Takes Senate A Tale of Two Anniversaries: 150 Years Ago, Sherman’s Successful Envelopment of Atlanta, Which Saved Lincoln and the Union, While Dooming Slavery; 100 Years Ago, Von Kluck’s Envelopment of Paris, Which Was Sabotaged by the Mere Lieutenant Colonel Richard Hentsch, Starting the Tragedy of the Twentieth Century This Week with Campaign Reports from California, Nebraska, Michigan, and New York.

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