Friday, June 27, 2014


Pope Francis holds historic peace talks at the vatican, and then DECLARES WAR.
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places ◄ Ephesians 6:12 ►


  1. I just wached your video on "the Pope declares war" I believe that if you checked deeper into the issue you would find significant evidence that the pope was referring to the mindset of some fundamentalists that they were each the infallible interpreters of sacred scripture and this arrogance of mind, this setting themselves up as the only authority to decide what God's understanding of scripture should be is the violence against scripture, violence against humility, violence against Christ, that makes them violent people. The fundamentalists of the Muslim faith conclude that violence in the name of God is justified is another example of coming to a personal interpretation of scripture and concluding theirs is the only interpretation there can be. Some people would argue that when the Pope referred to fundamentalists, he was not critisising the details of what they believed, (the bible is the infallible Word of God, or that Jesus will physically return) but He was referring to the mental attitude that their interpretation was the only correct one, even though not all fundamentalists agree on all details of their faith (that is why there are thousands of churches, each with a slightly different faith). I will agree with you that we should listen to Jerimiah 17:5 "cursed is the man who places his trust in men or their institutions". Please be careful you do not implicitly put your trust in a man made institution.
    On a different topic: What could God do if many fathers (parents) suggested all children should find God's answer to these two questions and all peace loving religious leaders did all they could to persuade Muslim leaders to ask militant Muslim leaders to publicly answer them?

    "Can any person of true faith publicly claim that God is not infinitely good and powerful enough to turn the whole world right side up by His peaceful means without violating anyone's free will?" and "If many Muslim leaders truly believe God is so infinitely good and powerful that He can be, and therefore must be, turning the whole blessed world right side up by peaceful means without violating anyone's free will, why have not those Muslim ministers publicly and privately called on the Muslims, who have not publicly disavowed terrorism and violence, to do so immediately or to give a public explanation, (which they cannot do) of how God who is turning the whole world right side up by peaceful means is pleased with those who do not trust enough that God's will is best and thereby resort to violence or publicly admit that they do not believe God is really that infinitely good and merciful and powerful enough, and therefore publicly admit that their God is not really infinitely powerful and infinitely good because men can imagine a greater goodness than their God?

  2. I have an idea I believe you should support. The Catholic priests I have given it to have not agreed or disagreed with it, total silence.
    This idea has three aspects:
    1. A poster in all churches
    2. Superb questions on slips of paper with web address
    3. all ministers of all faith will be expected to trust in God's answer to all such questions and each minister will be expected to make available their own sequence of questions or endorse another's sequence.
    What minister will publicly dispute any part of the following suggested Poster idea that can be improved and/or shortened?

    "All truly good parents are seen wanting to pray ever more perfectly and eagerly working to know and believe whatever it is that God wants everyone to know and believe and therefore these parents, in order to share them with others but especially with their children, are looking for the best verifiable information and the best sequences of questions from ministers of all faiths who are eager to share such in the sure faith that God’s answers for these questions will lead all to the one Faith God must will all to have and for them to thereby reject all man made additions to this Faith."

    Obviously people will eventually know everything in the poster no matter how long it is if the minister makes a monthly, strongly worded comment and the parents and children will each know (because the poster and the monthly reminders puts a "spotlight on the parent's actions") whether or not the parents are, or are not, doing what they should already be doing but many times today, in this world, are not doing. Is this not a good way for ministers to frequently remind all (without pointing a finger at any one person) of the importance of loving and therefore seeking the truth that God wants all to love and therefore eagerly seek so that they may be saved (2Thessallonians 2:10)?

    Second aspect of Idea:

    The second aspect requires the minister or a moderator (or team of moderators) who will find and post suggested questions on a particular part of the church webpage for people to be able to read and print out the questions and carry them in their wallet or purse. Then, when a person has an opportunity to dialogue with someone, they have these carefully worded, superbly well thought out questions, that they can hand to the other person and ask them if God might want to give them HIS ANSWER to this question and if they should therefore seek and find God’s answer to that question Some people will include related questions listed by numbers at the bottom to be found on the web page also listed).
    This idea does not negate everyone’s responsibility to know their faith and be eager to share it. It merely helps them be better armed, gives them a sense of confidence, so that even if they do not have all the answers at any given time (fear of which keeps many from engaging in dialogue) they know that they are armed with several well worded, simple questions that the other would know they should seek God’s answer to, and which we can be hopeful will lead them to the One Faith God wants all to have when they find His answer to all questions.
    What minister would want to be seen not enthusiastically supporting these two ideas once others publicly endorse them?

    I could offer a long list of questions as examples, but I will offer only one (two):
    2Thessalonians says that "He will give them a deceiving spirit because they have not accepted the love of truth so that they may be saved" Question: Does your behaviour give evidence to God that you are open to believe whatever God wants everyone to know and believe and to understand it the way God wants it understood?
    What reason can you give for not passing this on to others (maybe without endorsing it) who may be interested in helping make it better? Thank you. Douglas Kraeger 104 Aubrey Lane, Liberty, SC 29657 315 534 4103


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