Planet X, Nibiru, Aliens, and UFOs. Still Don't Believe?

Made for content. Warning, viewer discretion is advised. Nothing in this video should scare you (find out why by watching it and listening, too). It's 2014, and the evidence is matching up to mirror that of the ancient tales. First the Annunaki, then the evil Nephilim? Then the little human David's whom took down the evil Goliath's / Nephilim (whom chased off the Annunaki)? IF you have any faith in God, or Supreme being, then there is nothing to be afraid of, at all. I think it'd be great to meet that supreme being, one day, and be able to talk about all the hooplah and if, and's or but's going on down here, on Earth. IF you're non-believer? You're just saying you don't believe in yourself, humanity, life force, or anything. So? It should bother you, one bit.
Are we entering deeper into the galactic plane that allows us to view other life where we never could before, or are other beings from other dimensions leaking into our realm? As we spin in orbit deeper, are we going to be crossing the very path of the infamous 'Planet X / Nibiru?' It looks like something is going on.
Is Earth hollow? Are there beings / another race living under earth that only the highest of the elite know about? Is there a designer of Earth?
How does one pack relating information into one video when there be so very much info? 0.0 I hope you find some information that you've been looking for. Keep researching as I can't trap it all into one little big production, the likes of this one. Expand your mind outward to the very place that is you, the cosmos.
The more one investigates into one phenomenon, the more one finds themselves stumbling upon all phenomenon. From aliens, Nephilim, Annunaki, Reptoids, UFO's, the New World Order, a speeding global warming, and much more, this video is intended to leave you thinking outside of the box.
I normally put little comments in the video's (my opinions, but that seems to rile some of the surfers out there, so I opted out on this one... but I may change my mind and return to do so). o.0
Is there an alien agenda? Are we at war with an alien race? Do masses of people need to work as slaves so that a military budget may be accumulated and used to battle these aliens? This is just speculation (the words I type here), but the video?
You decide.
""""I always sneak a bite or two of information that seems irrelevant but if you step back and open your mind? Nothing is irrelevant, it's for awareness purposes that I do what I do. You'd have to know me.
How long did it take me to find all this footage 'and' make the video? You really don't want to know.. but you can try. :) I hope I saved you some time in your own research and helped direct you into area's that may benefit your interests. Cheers, and salute

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