Friday, November 29, 2013

Clif High Interview Red Ice Radio ~ Bitcoin will End The FED . 25-Nov-2013

Clif High - Bandwidth Caps, Bitcoin, ISON & Nummo Origins; Clif High, along with his associate George Ure, developed the Web Bot, or the Web Bot Project in the late 1990s. It's an Internet bot software program or a web spider that originally was designed to predict stock market trends. Eventually it developed into something different. Now it's claimed to be able to predict future events by tracking keywords on the web. In the first hour of the program Clif and Henrik discuss the looming internet bandwidth caps that are slated to limit, restrict and control internet data consumption. The control of the internet comes in many different forms and the cap is the latest trick by the ISP monopolies, enabled by government, to make more money and to shut down streaming services. Clif talks about hackers and other alternatives to circumvent these restrictions. Later, we discuss the "wings" that have sprouted on comet ISON in the last few days, as it's getting closer to the sun. We move on to discuss the positive aspects of Bitcoin, why you should get involved and how they continue to increase in value, as more and more people get aboard. In the second hour, we continue to discuss the technicalities of Bitcoin and Litecoin. High describes how to purchase Bitcoin, the incentives of Bitcoin mining and how to maintain your digital wallet. Finally, we discuss human origins. Clif speaks more about the origin myth of the Nummo as retold by the Dogon tribe.

Recording Date (start): 25-Nov-2013 Pacific Coast of North America Time
Release Date: 25-Nov-2013
Runtime: 00h 54m 33.4s (3273s)

Interview Discussions:
Host Henrik Palmgren talks with Clif High about
Early Bitcoin Adopters
China and India will adopt Bitcoin
How Bitcoin will End the Fed

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  1. not new is just a tamplers "dejavue", (sorry boys) ancient knowledge often is more modern than current understanding..!however the fed works as bitcoin, electronically, the procedures of bitcoin need a solid base, not digital that controls those that have the manipulation of digital currencies, therefore bits are ok, but those bitcoins become matter objects, and here is where the tangible becomes a fact. reason why gamers love bitcoin because it is just a bytes-game. so it wont happen as expected no one will get rich, neither with the smartcoin on line. but a restructuring of the system will take place thanks to the bitcoin introduction which is nothing more than a blast from the past. this intervention of Bitcoin will help the equilibrium of the 99% versus the 1%, and restructure the 99% into a balanced society.


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