Sunday, April 28, 2013

Is there a FEMA CAMP east of Yuma Az?

This video refers to a possible death camp. It might be an ICE detention facility. It might be neither. I am just sharing because it is interesting.

Is this a FEMA Prison Camp? Is this a GUILLOTINE already used in 2 executions?

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Uploader: revmichellehopkins
Uploaded: April 22, 2013

The complex seems very similar to one of the Arizona State Prison Complexes, but it is not listed among them. There is no identifier anywhere for it. I dare you to try and find the exact location listed anywhere.
Arizona State Prison Complex -- Yuma
7125 East Juan Sanchez Blvd
San Luis AZ, 85349
- on Google earth - what comes up is the Corrections Department, maybe 60 to 100 miles away from this complex. And is not itself a complex, but an office building.

FirehawkUSN - Comment
I can share a little info about this facility. Yes it is a prison, but it's not FEMA. It is a privately owned facility by one of the major banks, wells fargo/bank of america. I do patrols out here and have seen it from a distance using optics. These private prisons are popping up all over the open desert here, Florence and around the Tucson sector. Quit doing business with banks people because your just making them more wealthy and supporting their agenda.



    Physical Address
    ASPC - Yuma
    7125 East Juan Sanchez Blvd
    San Luis, AZ 85349
    Main Telephone # (928) 627-8871
    Main Fax # (928) 627-6703

    There's all the info you need.

    I can confirm or deny that's a guillotine, but that could be anything. Only way to tell is to take a drive down there and bring some binoculars.


    It is an actual AZ prison..

  3. I though this was debunked :/

    Also, what made you conclude that this "guillotine" has seen use already?

  4. I must admit, it was a convincing presentation, but you can go to Google Earth and look at this exact area the supposed "guillotine" is in. Looked at from any other angle, it becomes quite obvious that the dark image she claims is a guillotine is, in actuality, the shadow of a building. Anyone can see this plainly if they go to Google Earth themselves and look at the area from a a different angle.


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