Sunday, April 28, 2013

Exorcising The Evil Governments Spell

An enemy recognized is an enemy half defeated.
The first step in any battle is knowing the enemy, and this enemy which ‘possesses’ us all, comes with many faces and many promises, and speaks with forked tongue, which we have been literally seduced by. It’s more of a forced possession than one which we voluntarily step into because we are born into it literally, and our parents were possessed by it also. As mentioned in another section the spider spins its web and lays it traps early in our lives, and we struggle in that web till we are too tired to do anything about it.
It is much easier to see and feel the spell, and possession we are under, once we have had the courage to look at what is happening in our system and who and what is in control of it, and hence us. This isn’t rocket science, but takes a lot of courage to face the fact that all our lives we have been allowing a really dark force, normally in dark suits, to manipulate us psychically, mentally and physically, and rule us by its fear based system.
We become ‘occupied’ by their influence in a sense, and they have custody and control over us. Very similar to what they do to countries which they ‘occupy’ by force, paralyzing them by cutting off their infrastructure of food, water and electricity, and these same things we rely on them for, which is our sustenance. The good news is that its changing now and people everywhere are learning how to ‘get their lives back’ and ‘reclaim themselves’ from this dominant, evil force.
In the older traditions, people would be helped by the gifted Shamans in their villages if they were being manipulated and controlled psychically or physically by another person, group or entity. If someone is in control of us physically by giving us the money for food, then they automatically are controlling us psychically by the very fact that we are so dependent on them. In the case of mass manipulation and slavery inflicted on people by the tyrannizing clutches of the oligarchs, that is serious ‘possession’ indeed. – Jason Liosatos

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