Mike Rivero ~ All Wars Are Bankers' Wars

War is not about starting or ending them, and even less about who win or who loose. War is always funded 100% on both sites by the global banks (The IMF) with only TWO goals: Population reduction / genocide / mass killing in order to get forward to their main goal: WORLD DOMINATION and this is done from the very start by making sure the IMF system is in total control over the DEBT their war create. Controlling the DEBT of war IS the main purpose, in order to not just control the countries but to TOTALLY take EVERYTHING over !!! In other words: The pure purpose of a war, is the war it self !!


  1. The pure purpose of War is Profit & Pilfering.
    Just ask Rex Butler.

  2. things are getting better,for us as a whole things will take place the proper way, i lean towards peter schiff, he seams to know the way. bit com is not the answer as it can become bit chip any moment, as a total electronic currency at the present time is not advisable. however is not negligible either for a purpose! this global freedom fight is liberty for all as bankers oppress all in the USA as well in Europe, etc.
    IMF world bank FED the lot. once the global minds link, the bankers party should be over in no time.


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