Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bio Warfare & Population Reduction funded by the DOD against ALL US Citizens

The world is so dead spiritually and asleep/watching TV(blind by Satan's order/Illuminati,that no earth quake can reach them.HE must do something Old Test big.What we are seeing NOW,virtual reality video games(Satan creating his own earthly plays,ie copying the creator on a small scale(Dino world,war world) .We have advanced to the point where we would have broke free completely with technology if he didn't bring US back under HIS control&the bal would have been thrown off.HE gave Satan such a free hand that with technology he could set himself & his elite followers up as GoD and w/out morals(completely the negative)&all of US serving{RFID}/worshiping{1reli­gion} them as slaves.


  1. In the 1st earth age is when God Created all His children. All in spirit bodies except for the animals that were in the flesh(dinasaurs, african animals ). There were no oceans water was in the firmament above perfect temps over all the earth(why they have dug up remains of african animals in AshFalls, Neb n dinasaurs w/buttercup in their mouths up in Alaska) God also created Luciffer that arch angel who worked his way upto protecting the Mercy Seat of God. Vanity set in to Luciffer as he convinced 1/3 of Gods children to follow him to overthrow God as they wanted to be God. Well as any father would do not wanting to harm or kill his children when they go astay our Father Killed that 1st earth age. Cativo in the Greek shaking the earth even true north being off 8 or 9 degrees. This 2nd earth age we are in now where all Gods children being born thru woman(except those fallen angels who came to earth inpregnating the daughters of Adam creating the giants thats why the flood n God had Noah build that ark as his family had not mixed with the gebergiants 2 people of the races that Father created on the 6th day) to decide who they will follow satan or God. Satan is coming back n soon were in the generation of the fig tree when all bible prophecy will be fulfilled. Visit ShepherdsChapelbroadbandpage n give a listen to Pastor Arnold Murray n you'll understand why things in this world are like they are so much confusion..

  2. Its probably to late to stop the PTB who control this contry the Rothchild Banking Familes that are Kenites(Hebrew word meaning the children of Cain) now open your bible to 1John3:12 n see who was Eves firstborn Cain father really was.


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