Monday, December 31, 2012

Obama Supporters Cheer Hiking Taxes on the Rich! - 12/31/12

Barack Obama held a last minute press conference today bash Republicans and gloat about his election win. At one point in his speech he bragged about how he got Republicans to agree to raise taxes on wealthy Americans. His supporters cheered. they have been lied too for so long .. and giving out free money to people who don't even want to work .. it's killing them and America.. if you counter that .. you're consider a Racist ... if you talk about it .. you're a Racist ... America needs to Cut the welfare class ... but if they do it's going to be called a Racist ... anything you do to try to clean up America is going to be a Racist route .. unless you're a Democrat / Lib .. but that's whats killing the America and Taxes are Killing us . All Americans shall act on this and put a stop to the criminal alite who have been illegally taking the peoples money

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