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Lucifer will use the name of Jesus as a counterfeit in this time, because it is a name that we are all used to as in the Bible translation. So yes the son of Satan will come as Jesus the counterfeit ,and this was at the last Easter fest(fertility god). Well, regardless ... any so called "church" that has an "Eye of Horus" right over their front door, and their so called priest wear "Dagon Fish Head Hats" ... is ... let's say ... pretty much of a "red flag" to me.People do not understand that the catholic church is the continuation of the pagan roman empire.The Christians almost destroyed Rome.So they created the catholic church.I want to hear what Ron has to say about this one ?!


  1. WOW, this guy is an IDIOT, and knows NOTHING about the Catholic Church!!!"The Christians almost destroyed Rome, so they invented the Catholic Church." Really, uh no, I believe the Catholic Church was "INVENTED" by Jesus Himself. Ever heard of the "Last Supper"? And remember reading that Jesus said to Peter-"You are My rock, and upon My rock I will build MY CHURCH!" WOW, CRACK A BOOK WHY DON'T YOU!!!

    1. There is no scientific or historic prove of that. Except some crazy whirlings in that silly bible book.

    2. I am not an expert in Christianity , but i think that everybody agrees that Jesus son of Mary never met personally with Peter aka Saul who was born 100 years later , also are you going to tell me that Jesus son of Mary was born of December 25th ???? you know that that is total BS , if Jesus come today he will be surprised that the Romans to whom he never preached anything are celebrating his so called birth on December , he won't even know what is December or what is a solar year or what is a Gregorian calendar , jesus and his people were using LUNAR CALENDAR , and jesus is most likely was born in spring time , Catholism is nothing but a made up religion created by the roman popes and is just using the name of Jesus for their own agenda , Jesus has absolutely nothing to do with Catholicism ....

    3. Paul was Saul, not Peter. But no they never met and Paul/Saul wasa JEWISH ROMAN SPY who changed the doctrine. from what i doubt we will EVERY know for sure. if there ever was anything to it.

  2. Lol dude, the Catholic church was never ordained by Jesus or Lord God Eloheim. You love your idea of the catholic church? They claim to believe in Jesus yet with all the wealth the have, they refuse to cloth and feed the poor! Jesus never said to build a church, he said to go share the good word. BTW the Catholic church is guilty of mass murder, genocide, rape, slavery, and various other crimes. The current pope himself is guilty of war crimes from his time as a nazi. no matter what you believe, he aided in the atrocities, he had a choice and chose to obey them!

  3. Yeah yeah all that I agree with BUT he also said If HE be lifted up he will draw ALL men to him...and the Catholics do lift up Christ.
    They maybe 'saved' by this, but no necessaruly grrow in knowledge of him to enable them to be they could be considered as being in the outer court...GOOGLE it.and study it.
    It is said there are some 30 fold, some 60 fold, and some 100 fold...
    MOST of the world knows Christ was not born in December but those big enough to know who God is knows the fact we celebrate his birth and death and all he represents is what he is after, as in our hearts, not the day she FULFILLED IN THE LAW. As the disciples said
    do NOT allow the Jews to put you back under bondage to days and laws. Christ has come to fulfill the law and set you free...
    In Him the whole body has its redemption and life..He is the rest. He is the sabbath.
    THE fulfillment of ALL the law.
    And what is that saying do not 'strain at the gnat'...whatever, I cannot remember it all right now..look it up on google.

  4. Idiots tend to talk (type) too much. What is it said about a little knowledge?

  5. YHWH Elohim's (God's) ordained calendar is Hebrew (Jewish) moon phases of approx. 29.5 days, new moon invisible up to 48 hours. Christ Jesus, Yeshua by name was born on 1st of Tishri, year 3758 Rosh HaShanah, Feast of Trumpets, Day of the Lord, seventh month 1st Day. We are now in year 5773. The Gregorian calendar will be 19 years off, when Christ returns on Monday 1st of Tishri, Year 5777, translated into the misguided, sun calendar of October 3, 2016. During the late 1600's the Roman's added sixteen years to their sun calendar. What a bunch of pagan idiots who nakedly cruxifried our messiah by the Cult of Baalim (Vatican Hierachy)

  6. All comments are conjectures / regurgitations of so called writings that portray that the reader actually knows his or her comments to be true! No proof of such ramblings is granted to anyone who is living today as none were about then to have EXPERIENCED such events and as such....all are untruths and false. Happy year of the Snake!


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