2013 - We Are Anonymous UK.

This is the official video for the anonsource awareness & promotion campaign. . This video is only meant to inform people and inspire them in the belief that they can make a difference.

It is good that there are people who work anonymously towards a fairer society. However, to succeed in this enterprise there must also be an unconcealed political section working in partnership supporting the anonymous wing.I think that without a public or political organization, Anonymous will never be able to achieve it's goal of a fairer society. People will not trust a secret organization and without popular support it will always remain marginal. However, I believe that a political organization that has the endorsement of Anonymous, would have a good chance of developing.


  1. Yes but NONE exist...ALL are corrupted in one way or another.
    ALL of them...

    Why cannot anonymous be the voice of the people..in general.
    WHEN they spleak balanced truth, the people back them in numbers.

  2. All very good, but I live 5 mins from Kim Dot com in Coatesville Auckland New Zealand.
    When/if govt take over /control the internet HOW will we the people operate.??

    Happy New Year people 2013
    As GOD say 'Justice for ALL' in the Old Testament he says For 'I' require justice for all. But that only comes through His kingdom on earth , as it is in heaven...and the meek shall inherit the earth.

  3. To Paula NZ: "When/if govt take over /control the internet HOW will we the people operate.??"

    Ham Radio ~

    1. They will take out your antenas and towers.

  4. Yes, the government will do anything it can to retain power, so be ready for confrontation, no matter how peacefully the people attempt to demonstrate. I just read Last Word, by author Mark Lane. Excellent expose of intelligence infiltration of the newspapers and other media. This will leave no doubt about CIA's responsibility for the JFK assassination. And, people, we need to wake up to the 911 hoax. Voting is an absurdity when you country is being held hostage to a powerful rogue military/intelligence force. Exposing 911 and bringing the perpetrators to justice needs to be the number 1 priority.

  5. Dear friends

    we want the new Keshe's technology . The governments must stop to keep in the dark, subdue, manipulate and deprive Humanity of the new technology, which would change the destiny of the planet and of mankind.

    Keshe has donated the new technology to humanity, but governments keep it secret, what a shame! Please share this with all your friends, the world must know. Thank you!! Happy New Year 2012,


    Sito Keshe Fondation: www.keshefoundation.org

  6. anonymous is a new face of new world order. learn to listen to your heart and you will see the truth...

  7. Anonymous gives their true identity away at the conclusion of the video! The green bands / slime is the color of the blood of Satan...his head servants are called the blue bloods"
    Another form of infiltration into the masses.. Stay away from these phantoms who are in plain view..another front for the already failing NWO!


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