Saturday, July 9, 2022

The Inflation Crisis Is Worse Than Admitted

The Inflation Crisis Is Worse Than Admitted

Alert : The FED Starts Stealth QE4 , Repo-Calypse !! Almost $23 trillion in debt. $75 billion a day in REPO money printing . QE4 to the moon and back . Lets manipulate Yield Curve. Complete silence from the talking heads. When will some leader in the world, just say "Stop it!" It's beyond a joke now. The not so great USA nation and its banks are insolvent. We truly live in a post-truth world. The USA is worse off than Argentina in financial terms, by any measurable metric. The world is ignoring obvious insolvency and obscene money printing. Placing valuations on companies that bare no relation to reality. That strategy would result in balance sheet growth of roughly $180 bn a year and net US Treasuries purchases by the Fed (the sum of the red and grey bars) of roughly $375 bn a year over the next couple of years.' That's the strategy. Welcome to The Atlantis Report . I just listened to Powell. The Fed plans to purchase (finance/print/monetize) almost HALF of the US budget deficit for at least two years! In other words, expect more central bank bubble blowing while they ignore inflation! I was shocked that he spoke of inflation as a virtue! That's nuts! About 4 years ago, they changed the way they measure both inflation and GDP. The new measuring stick grossly UNDERestimates inflation, and it OVERestimates GDP. That's intentional , and criminal . I went back and calculated the GDP with the new measurements, and it INCREASED the GDP by 50% -- using exactly the same data. They seek to mislead, not inform . It's QE infinity ,It's theft ,No cop will enforce the law to stop it . Don't call it QE4, call it , Raping the wealth of America .Complete with runaway inflation , Stocks of Zombie Corps at an all time high, And more Fake Credit if you wanna continue to be a banker's slave. This Everything Bubble will eventually burst again, and when it does, it will be even more calamitous than the last time . There is enormous inflation. You just need to remove the problem areas from the calculation in order for it make it look like there is no inflation. When assets deflation ie housing and stock market and the bond bubble bursts, one would have no alternative to preserve other than by gold and silver . In the absence of the gold , there is no way to prevent confiscation of savings through inflation. The issue is that they want inflation to reduce the debt load but at the same time cost-of-living adjustment COLA to Social Security will go through the roof with high inflation. It's a tight rope they have to walk with and hence why we will go splat soon enough. We're having inflation rates of 9.5% this year alone, QE4 will create even more at faster pace and will be the final killer of the middle class. This is the QE that will never end. And it is going to hurt a lot of people. QE isn't going to get banks to lend. It is going to get them to do what they did before: borrow from the market and lend to the government. This is why it isn't helping the people, only the cockroaches. And so, in just two months QE , pardon the Fed's open market purchases of Treasurys, will return after a 5 years hiatus. Just don't call it QE, whatever you do. "Open market purchases" into infinity. The FED will debase the dollar to the point of worthlessness . Our country is hoarding itself to death. Fiat bugs will get wiped out in the ensuing carnage. And expect all sorts of heroic efforts to save the stock market. Saving the economy is not as big of a priority. The economy is already rotting from the bottom. There is no way to save the economy. The problem is the pursuit of perpetual economic growth and inflation. There are no benefits to central bank driven inflation. The central banks are not allowing unproductive debt to be cleansed from the economy via recession and depressions. Link the rate of change of private sector debt to the interest rates so the rate changes are market driven. If only the sheeple understand what this is doing to our currency and economy .You can print all you want but you will not be able to fix value of currency going down , hence the purchasing power . Debt Monetization is where they borrow money against your student loan, car loan, mortgage, etc... This further devalues the monetary system which is clearly already a house of cards about to fall. QE is purely monetary theft / financial fraud / Currency Manipulation or Devaluation, etc QE is Perpetual Poverty for the working class and perpetual wealth for the printing class. The FED lied. It will NEVER reduce its balance sheet. It will continue to debauch the currency at a rate it sees fit to cover bonus', hookers, blow, mal-investment, and political spending. Sociopaths doing their worst. No one actually expects the Fed to tell the truth about anything at this point. Even if they told the truth, people would second guess it as psyops. People are actually investing, or gambling on how much they believe other people will believe the Fed. You can't even call this a free market, or an economy. What we have is :Fake Money,Fake Banks,Fake Laws,Fake Markets,Fake Everything . The FED already has 3.6 ish trillion of securities on the book, now it needs some more for 'smooth operations' . Abandon ship, I guess . I have a strong belief that the entire U.S. economy since the dot com bust has been a make work net loss economy to keep the sheep employed and food on the table long enough to prepare for what is about to bust loose all across the realm . America's greatest enemy is not China or ISIS or Russia ,it's the United States Federal Reserve. Jerome Powell is the real Joker.

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