Sunday, April 10, 2022

The Global Financial Debt Bomb is now Ready to Explode !

The Global Financial Debt Bomb is now Ready to Explode !

The Global Financial Debt Bomb is now Ready to Explode ! The Global Financial - DEBT BOMB! Global debt has reached $188 trillion, according to the International Monetary Fund. .The IMF has put out a statement tonight saying that debt is threatening global economic stability .in countries with advanced economies, public debt is at levels not seen since World War Two. while emerging markets public debt is at levels not observed since the 1980s .in the United States, the public debt is at 23 trillion dollars .why is the debt so high everywhere .free money seems ironic .but the worst economies get, the more central banks reduce interest Rates.The more they lower interest rates the more we borrow; the more big companies borrow. Eventually that bubble almost by The definition has to burst. The Federal Reserve debt system is fulfilling its purpose - steal from the people. The banks create the debt, profit on its issuance, and the taxpayer owes back principle and interest to the banks who conjured the money out of thin air. Works for them. Welcome to The Atlantis Report. The global debt load has surged to a new all-time record equivalent to more than double the world’s economic output, IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva warned Thursday. While private-sector borrowing accounts for the vast majority of the total, the rise puts governments and individuals at risk if the economy slows, she said. “Global debt — both public and private — has reached an all-time high of $188 trillion. This amounts to about 230 percent of world output,” Georgieva said in a speech to open a two-day conference on debt. The total land surface area of Earth is about 57,308,738 square miles, of which about 33% is desert, and about 24% is mountainous. Subtracting this uninhabitable 57% (32,665,981 square miles) from the total land area leaves 24,642,757 square miles or 15.77 billion acres of habitable land. That's about $12,000 of debt owed for each habitable acre of land. The planet earth does not have the collateral to borrow any more money, hence the effort to colonize Mars. Apparently, there are different levels of greed. We have now entered the provenance of ludicrous greed. If everyone were able to repay all debts (which is impossible because of interest charges), then the US Dollar would cease to exist, because it is only an IOU from the Fed that we pass around among ourselves as though it has value. even though what is owed to us by the Federal Reserve is not specified regardless of how many zeros are printed on those green pieces of worthless paper that we stupidly view as "Money." Currency backed by debt. Should've known our money was going to become worthless when the penny stopped being made of copper. The FED's coin and paper money is a rip off to steal our valuables, and the banks succeeded, that's why they own EVERYTHING now It's going to end badly when they stop buying the government bonds, hello big crash and burn. The funny thing about it is the FED will have to buy them all. The Fed will buy them all and hold them the off-balance sheet. No more mark-to-market, so all fantasy economics. Buckle up folks because it might get a tad bumpy. The fact is we have much more debt now than ever before. If we have a robust financial disruption, default will rise in importance and move front and center. In the last decade, debt has soared across the globe. Of great concern should be the growth in non-recourse loans as well as unsecured personal loans. These are particularly dangerous. Many investors have become seduced into thinking the backing of government adds tremendous validity to both the explicit and implied warranty that come with government-backed instruments. History, however, has shown public debt can also be mishandled with creditors not getting paid or being paid with a less valuable currency eroded by inflation. Yes, even government bondholders will suffer. Bubbles are Crowd Psychology states based on a stampede mentality, and it is difficult to determine what will cause a stampede or when. Stampedes will occur for no real apparent or credible cause. The work (exertion of energy) that the money is supposed to represent doesn't exist. Since the monetary value has been watered down so much. The money doesn't exist - so the work that the money represents doesn't actually exist when people wake up to this fact. The whole thing is going to collapse. The money (or the work that the money represents) doesn't exist. When the bubble pops, the people will be the ones to suffer. So it's the people that are owed the money. The people are always at the bottom of the food chain! It is an imagery construct set up to screw the people just like so many other things accepted as usual. Just remember, if something doesn't have value in and of itself, it doesn't have any value. The dollar's value is solely based upon the value people assign to it. The human being has value because human can exert energy to produce something. Bubbles generally end this way, with everyone just giving up on self-control and grabbing for one last piece of easy money. Currently, enough new money must be injected daily really to keep the economy from locking up; and Central Banks are in a position to do this indefinitely though if the frail humans who are in authority will comply or not is also unknown. The debt bubble will pop when the number size limit of a computers memory is reached. Floating Point numbers can literally be astronomical in size. Politicians are drooling over the idea of taxing manufacturing robots now. They never sleep while generating revenues and don't need welfare when they lose their jobs. Nothing good ever came from the marketing, buying, or selling of DEBT and nothing good ever will. When a bankster, government, or corporate entity sells or buys debt, it's called "trading." If you or I try to sell or buy debt privately, it's called "racketeering." The collateralization of debt is going to be the final coffin nail when this completely fucked system buries itself once and for all. The million-dollar question is. Where will the black swan come out to get the party started?

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