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👉Happy INDEPENDENCE DAY AMERICA! The Worst is Still to Come.

👉Happy INDEPENDENCE DAY AMERICA! The Worst is Still to Come.

Happy INDEPENDENCE DAY AMERICA! These are Tough Times , but The Worst is Still to Come. How about we celebrate being Americans? Not whatever color or ethnicity you are, but just as Americans? Are we a perfect country? No, most assuredly not. Are we more than we were when we started? Yes, most assuredly, we are. Can we do more as the days, weeks, and years go on? Absolutely. But until we take a step in that direction, we can't change anything by going back or standing still. Let's work together to find solutions that work for Americans and strive to be a better person and, therefore, nation than we were yesterday. It starts with me. It starts with you. I'm celebrating an independent country that rewards hard-working, talented people with great ideas and the ability to lead. Freedom of speech is about the only and most important thing that made this country different and put it over the others. Now that is a privilege that has been taken away by the left and the media. The Greatest thing about America is that Americans can complain and criticize the things that aren't so great. Facing our faults is how people become better. It's how companies become better. And it's how Countries become better. Beware of politicians that try to discourage you. It is NOT unpatriotic to address our faults. And don't knock other countries, to prop our country. We shouldn't need that. This country was built on hard work ethics and the vision of our forefathers. Unfortunately, a select number is trying to find ways to break it down and discredit the men and women that sacrificed to build it. With the establishment of the foreign-owned private central bank in 1913, the control of the country passed from "we the people" to "they the international bankers" .How tragic!! We have forgotten the words of Jefferson, that if we allowed bankers to run the country, 'Americans' would one day wake up to find that the land conquered by their forefathers was no longer theirs.' And that day is here. In the US today, the top 0.1% in wealth is about equal to the bottom 90% combined. In 1930, the 0.1% in wealth was wealthier than they are today. In 1980, the wealth gap between rich and poor was the smallest. The only times in US history when interest rates were near zero was 1930 and today. The US stock market from its high in 1929 to 1956 had no gain. From 1930 to 1934, gold nearly tripled in value. 1932 was the stock market bottom. From the 1932 bottom to 1936, stocks went up 316%. What the banks did in 1932 was very similar to what the banks are doing now. They introduced new money, which created long term debt. This period seems similar to 1930. Welcome back to The Atlantis Report. You are here for your daily dose of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Please take a second to hit the like button, hit the subscribe button, and don't forget to also hit the notification bell. Thank You. The United States is practically an empire. And by being an empire, the rules that applied to previous empires apply to the United States. And the mistakes that lead to the fall of empires somewhat applied to the United States. It is interesting that the problems the United States had were very similar to that of previous empires. Economic mismanagement and associated currency debasement preceded the inevitable failure of empires. The Golden Age of American capitalism is over. In the space of half a century, it passed from gold to silver, to paper, and is now somewhere between plastic and navel lint. You might believe the economic statistics and the usual misinformation in the financial media. This will set you straight. US debt is now 28.5 Trillions , and its growth continues . If you aren't skeptical of your government, your trust will eventually give way to a sense of betrayal. In the last half of 2008, the Empire received the margin call from Hell. Now, all of its citizens are asked to pay up as the U.S. economy stumbles down a dangerous path of financial turmoil. What exactly went wrong? When things are good, people tend to believe the most outrageous things.That the financial sector could get rich by lending money to people who couldn't pay it back, and that a whole economy could flourish by luring consumers to spend more than they could afford. These hallucinations created an immense worldwide bubble of debt and dollars. And now with the U.S. government inflating the biggest bubble in public debt the world has ever seen. A financial whirlpool has formed and threatens to drag the entire country down the drain. Debt only works if it generates an income to repay principal and interest. There is no bit of evidence that indicates an indebtedness problem can be solved by taking on further debt. The low hanging economic fruit has nearly been picked, and the deadly reality of the shutdown will hit markets hard with another Christmas 2018 selloff to remember once we hit a wall with high unemployment, and the Fed is out of bullets. In the next 18 months, there is a good potential for the economy to shut down completely. The market have become too big for its own good. The US market cap 38 Trillion. Nearly 180% of US GDP, 50% Of world GDP. Not sustainable. The debt increased a massive 25% of world's GDP In the past few months alone. This needs to be paid back. Global debt stands at 300 plus trillion, 380%. The FED's printing machinea are fired up . But they worry mainly about the bond markets. They can take the pain of a 30-40% drop in the stock market due to valuations. June Job numbers improved but underlying shows a far worse picture. Permanent layoffs are surging. Temporary summer workers increased. This is normal for summer, and PPE got people back into jobs, but those jobs will be lost again in a month or two. It will take years for companies to fix their balance sheets. We are in a massive mega-cap bubble.Trillions will get wiped out of paper assets. The economy is collapsing. Trillions more in Bail-outs to be given to the usual suspects without too many awkward questions being asked. The large positive data points being reported to reflect a bounce off the bottom and that the economy is opening again. Nothing more. This will remain the case for another month or so, then the reality that there will be no V-shaped recovery will sink in, Then the fun begins. The market is completely disconnected from reality. It's connected to low-interest rates and mindblowing debt. The stock market looks like a big Casino. In the rigged casino, you have to be nuts to invest. Everything is on sentiment. It looks like a big pinball machine that is preprogrammed to win. The fundamentals are not in line with the increase in the stock market. The Federal Reserve is playing a game with the financial market. The FED is being controlled by rich and powerful people . Creating money with no underlying asset to back all the money creation. The bogus news is that so many million jobs were created. The news should be that so many people returned to their jobs. The fact is that they were on lay off due to the lockdown resulting from the pandemic. There was no real job creation. The market is being managed by big money managers who are day trading. The Fed did not save the economy, in reality, they just kicked the can down the road and continued contributing to a broken financial system. Maybe they should have just let the system collapse and let the market enter a natural depression. The Fed did not save the world as Ben Bernanke proclaimed. That is because the laws of math are bigger than the FED. Instead, the Fed fostered a series of asset bubble boom-bust cycles with increasing amplitude over time. The problem is that increasing amplitude to the upside results in increasing amplitude to the downside. It is a feedback loop. Driving asset prices higher requires lower rates and more money. The higher it gets, the harder it is to maintain asset value without deflating currency value. But as the demand shrinks, the FED has to set a put on asset values, or else the true market value collapses, and all debt starts to deflate. Plus, the virtuous cycle of inflated asset value to cover the debt runs backward too. The Federal Reserve of The United States of America is neither Federal nor a reserve of anything aside from evil and tyranny. It is the single most destructive entity in the history of the nation. It is anathema to humanity, God, and America. It is the polar opposite of The Constitution.It was warned about in the Constitution, and it is the reason why many have perished for trying to remove it. America and many other nations will not be truly healthy and free until the central banking and central bankers are permanently removed. The FED is the monster lurking in the shadows, the hidden Machiavellian manipulator and puppet master of the world’s markets. Pretending to be a benefactor, it is in reality, a bloodthirsty parasitic vampire, draining the blood of its victims, discarding their eviscerated corpses, and ever seeking new flesh. It remains defiant and hostile to any attempts at auditing or accountability. Its trademarked: financial sleight-of-hand, fiat money, arcane accounting, and bogus bookkeeping. So, what can the average person do to fight this beast? Use common sense, reign in any unnecessary spending, pay down or-if possible-pay off your debts. Set a budget and stick to it. In other words, you need to do pretty much the complete opposite of what the government does. The problem isn’t so much fractional banking, fiat money, or going off the gold standard. The real problem is corrupt politicians. Politicians who promise way too much and who know well in advance they can’t deliver. To summarize: Most likely negative interest rates and more debt are coming to America. And when the economy gets tough, a nation usually chooses WAR. Instead of trade and work, imperialism breeds militarism, inflation, and debt. This was The Atlantis Report. Please Like. Share. Leave me a comment. Subscribe. And please take some time to subscribe to my backup channels, I do upload videos there too. You'll find the links in the description box. You will also find a PayPal link if you want to make a donation. Thank you wholeheartedly to all those of you who have already donated. Stay safe and healthy friends!

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