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👉We Are in A Venezuela Shaped Recovery, Jobs and Businesses not Coming Back

👉We Are in A Venezuela Shaped Recovery, Jobs and Businesses not Coming Back

We Are in A Venezuela Shaped Recovery, Jobs and Business not Coming Back ,The Economy is spiraling downward with no recovery in Sight Economy cranking up again. There is a lot more inflation than the government reports. Housing, food, and Healthcare, stuff you need in everyday life are all going up. The stock market is running on pure speculation. It's certainly not based on any sort of data (momentum-based algorithms that appear to have overshot). Earnings reports are generally down, and stocks were pricey at this point even before. We're in big trouble, but not just because the economy is shrinking. What's far scarier is the exorbitant national debt that we have added. This bubble was created by the FED criminal rigging and printing trillions upon trillions of fiat dollars. These criminals will stop at nothing to keep everyone feeling good in the face of the biggest lie and asset bubble in US history. The CEOs of the worst actors got paid off! They participated in stock buybacks, inflated their own stocks, sold them for huge personal gain, and then got bailed out! Why would anything change? Meanwhile, well-behaved companies suffer a bad economy and get taxed to cover the government's costs. Corporate boards only looking after their own interests, not the shareholders! Why is it called stimulus when it is free money to the CEOs and C suiters who bankrupted their companies, but a 'handout' when it is a couple of hundred bucks to the people. The corruption the federal reserve and the central banks are enabling for the billionaire hedge fund, private equity 'philanthropists' with their secret books and need for absolute power over every human because we have no rule of law at the top anymore is stunningly in our face. And you all keep pretending there is some intelligence behind it - there is none. It is only evil. The money is going to stock buy-backs because it's a short term quick fix. Corporate executives calculate that this is the best way to keep major shareholders happy with rising prices and dividends, thus ensuring their own ridiculously inflated compensation packages. So unless their major shareholders are pension funds, they couldn't give a damn about pensioners, whose long term interests would be best served if the earnings were reinvested to improve productivity. And even if they have considerable investment from pension funds, that hardly means they give any consideration to individual pensioners. Passing on the bad news is what pension boards are for. Higher inflation and lower interest rates do not lead to people saving more. Cash goes into the stock market bubble or creates greater inflation with increased purchasing of hard assets. Depression would not be because of the pandemic. It would be the overreaction of politicians who jettisoned any semblance of critical thinking a long time ago. A lot of businesses were barely surviving before this started. They've been helped along by PPP and other government bailouts, but unless the government keeps throwing money at them, they will start and continue to fail over time. The US economic crisis is even worse than it appears. Over the last few months, we have seen interest rates plunging to zero; trillions of dollars have been printed into our economy to help lift it back to life; toilet paper is now the hottest commodity of all time. The Fed is making sure the Stock Market can’t lose. They have messed up the stock market by artificially inflating it. Jobs reports fill in a picture of devastating unemployment nationwide not seen since the Great Depression. A hundred million people are out of the labor force. The official unemployment rate is about 5.8 percent, but if you dig below the numbers, It's really around 22 percent, when you consider the tens of millions who have lost their jobs. And by the way, that data is now a couple of weeks old. It's probably even higher than that. The unemployment stimulus runs out in July. Chaos will begin. There will be no normal. By Fall/Winter, we are going to see some real anger and fear from people who can't find jobs and have no, really no income coming in. When people lose everything, they lose it. There will be collapse and looting, WAR, and starvation is what there will be. What is going to happen when 100 million people stop paying their rents, their mortgages, their car loans, their iPhone loans. I guess we'll have to bail the banks out again. Mustn't it be nice to be a banker? Do a really, really bad job, and you get bailed out by the taxpayer and given a HUGE big bonus. When I come back after death, I am going to be a banker. "Good times" for the general public have been erased. "Good times" for the bank cartel, selected corporations, and the US Psychopaths In Charge go on undiminished, as was the plan. Why else would the economy that feeds us be destroyed to keep us from getting sick? Why else would a "race war" be instigated at the very moment the general public was prepared to ignore the tyrannical edicts! Civil unrest in North America will be ugly and dangerous. The rest of the world is waiting for this civil war. The thing is, we as a nation have allowed it to happen. It's the price we pay for being asleep at the wheel, living in delusion, and not seeing the revolving door between the corporate sector and the government administration. Believing we live in democracy just because we can vote. The choice is one of 2 parties, both with largely the same agenda - self-interest and screwing other countries. ZERO accountability, no respect for the law. The economic crisis also means that the demand for food stamps will swell. Tens of millions of Americans are food-insecure right now. And all of their numbers are growing. Mile-long lines at food banks. Forty million Americans live on food stamps, as so-called SNAP benefits. They're rationing food. If this goes on much, much longer, then we could start to see actual starvation in America. We're doing far much worse than any developed Western nation. Prior to the crisis, about 11 percent of Americans suffered from food insecurity. And we have every reason to believe that those statistics are increasing dramatically in the current time period. Even when the economy reopens, people don't have money to spend because so many jobs are gone. Most Americans are out of work and out of money. So they will not be eating out, shopping for new clothes or cars, buying houses or boats or even TV sets. Our economy is spiraling downward, and no one can say how or when it will recover. A lot of businesses will be closed down after the lock-down. The real crash has not happened yet. The market crashed, but we need to see Foreclosures, people will be jumping out of the windows. Stuff like this was weird, people sitting home watching TV like nothing happening, that’s the problem. Wait till you have to start paying bills, and you go back to your job, and they say hit the road we do not need you. The "honeymoon " has yet to end. That will happen when stimulus payments end, and the moratorium on evictions is lifted. We will see 35 million new homeless by the end of the year. Jobs and businesses are not coming back. And a war with China is coming. I give it 18 months. The geopolitical tensions are already precipitating rapid exit from U.S. denominated debt instruments and the US dollar. The closing down of national economies applied Worldwide will inevitably result in poverty, mass unemployment, and an increase in mortality. It’s an act of economic warfare. It’s an unspoken crime against humanity. This diabolical process is not limited to wiping out small and medium-sized enterprises. Big Money is also the creditor of large corporations (including airlines, hotel chains, hi-tech labs, retailers, import-export firms, etc.), which are now on the verge of bankruptcy. The global financial establishment is not monolithic. It is marked by divisions and rivalry. The dominant Big Money faction seeks to destabilize its competitors from within. The results of which would be a string of bankruptcies of regional and national banking institutions as well as a process of global financial consolidation. In the US, numerous retailers, airlines, restaurants, and hotel chains filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. But this is just the beginning. The big gush of bankruptcies will occur in the wake of the lockdown (“The New Normal”). Welcome back to The Atlantis Report. You are here for your daily dose of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Please take a second to hit the like button, hit the subscribe button, and don't forget to also hit the notification bell. Thank You. Recessions are not equal opportunity events. Those folks employed, still bringing home a paycheck, experience little recessionary effects other than some grocery items tend to sell out quickly while others are not available. There really is little difference to their day to day life . For those who are not being called back or have learned their employer has closed the business, not to mention all those folks who are still standing in line for UI applications, the recession, and its impacts are very real. There are safety nets like state welfare, SNAP, WIC, but those programs aren't intended to be recessionary relief and largely serve the very low income. It's the average American who sits square in the middle of America - they are the hardest hit. They can't cash in on social programs because they are means-tested and sometimes take a while to get approved. They primarily live beyond their means and increasingly relied on credit cards to make up the difference. They have little or no savings. No real assets owned outright. There's no way out for them other than recovery and jobs. What's different about this recession is it hasn't actually hit, and we're way ahead of that ball game. When the real impact hits, millions of Americans already behind the eight balls will again be slammed this time into poverty and homelessness. This is all happening when America is the most divisive in history. The community spirit is fast eroding to every man for himself. We are in for a slow, long recovery, rather than an immediate bounce-back. There will be no V Shape recovery. We are going to have the worst recession since the Great Depression. It will make 2008 look like a flesh wound. Is it worth throwing good money after bad on this collapse? Or is there nothing the Fed (and its friends from Blackrock Inc) can't fix with a few extra trillion dollars (and counting). Let's see what follows this 50% retracement. I will give you THE ONE reason this will not be a V recovery. Not going to guarantee stocks won't V here and there as Venezuela did. The reason is DEBT. Debt killed the economy, killed the country, and killed any semblance of capitalism long ago. The debt was THE problem in 2008, and what did they do! Printed up a whole load and handed it out. Debt is the problem now, and what have they done? Made LOANS available to anyone and everyone. Debt is like putting lead weights on a runner. Sooner or later, he falls over from exhaustion and is no longer able to run. Debt is like a parasite sucking the blood out of you. Once the parasite becomes too big, and you can't produce enough blood to overcome its consumption, you die. All they have done is to increase the size of the debt exponentially. Many of you still don't understand that MONEY is DEBT in our system. If you have not watched my videos where I explain how money is debt, please do so. And watch it over and over until you understand exactly what is happening. Printing and loaning will not bring back any economy, but you can bet it will kill it. In 2008 the problem was peak debt. And it's only gotten worse by orders of magnitude. Governments have learned nothing. Let's be honest here. All debt-backed fiat monetary systems rely totally on trust and optimism. Once the FED was established in 1913, we were "on the road to serfdom." Hopefully, you've read it (and Brave New World too). The only question is: have we reached our Minski moment? Not, if we're optimistic, work hard, take personal responsibility, establish sound money, say based upon real things like gold or other commodities. Will this happen? Are you rolling around on the ground laughing? The only V in this recovery will be as in "V is for Venezuela." This Economic Collapse began BEFORE the pandemic!! The Fed began to drop interest rates back to 0% from only 2.5% during January of 2019, BEFORE the virus. The Fed began Not QE4 during the Repo market freeze up during September of 2019, BEFORE the virus!! The Fed is going to blame the virus for this Economic Collapse. The Fed, ECB, IMF, BIS, and other Central Banks ARE THE REAL VIRUS!!!!! After 2008, The Fed just dropped interest rates down to 0% for ten years, and printed TRILLIONS in QE to Infinity!!! The Fed is manipulating all markets and destroying our monetary system!! It's not V-shaped. It's two-fingers-shaped. V shape only for the rich. The Poor: Will become dirt poor. The middle class: Will become poor. The Upper middle class: Will become middle class. Rich would like to be called Master from now on. It's going to be an M shaped recovery. Right now we're at the top of the first leg. This was The Atlantis Report. Please Like. Share. Leave me a comment. Subscribe. And please take some time to subscribe to my backup channels; I do upload videos there too. You'll find the links in the description box. You will also find a PayPal link if you want to make a donation. Thank you wholeheartedly to all those of you who have donated. Stay safe and healthy friends!

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