Saturday, February 22, 2020

The Next Bankers Scam is Recession! -- Economic Collapse 2020

The banks aren't gaming the Fed. The banks ARE the Fed. They work in concert to create enough smoke and mirrors to obfuscate the humongus disparity between debt in the financial system and collateral in the real economy. If a bank reports holding $10B in U.S. Treasuries but no cash on hand at the Fed it's considered too low on reserves and violates banking regulations. The regulations are in place to ensure banks are adequately liquid. Welcome to The Atlantis Report . So the bank posts $2B of those U.S. Treasuries as collateral on an overnight loan, parks the cash at the Fed overnight, and reports holding $8B in U.S. Treasuries and $2B in cash reserves. It's now considered in compliance and adequately liquid. If the overnight loan market in the financial system gets clogged, the Fed steps in with overnight repos to "provide liquidity" to the system, allowing banks to continue the balance sheet shenanigans described above uninterupted. If things get really clogged up, the Fed accepts GSE guaranteed Mortgage Backed Securities as repo collateral for the overnight repo. The entire charade is set up to game the banking regulations. And bankers get away with it again, same as always. A perpetual get-out-of-jail free card as they suck the wealth from Americans. #1) The liquidity shortage scam won't end just like that. It will continue until it succeeds in scaring the Fed into whatever the scammers want (0% interest rates, free money). The FOMC Globalist Energizer Bunnies will keep the pressure on. It may vary in intensity, but it will continue. It is a scam. The money is hypothicated, and re-hypothicated, it is not based on Deposits On Hand. It is printed out of thin air. #2) The next scam is Recession! ... Recession! ... Recession! ... Ignore the statistics unless they dip a smidge, then call a PANIC! The Fall,2018 engineered stock market collapse was to extort the Fed into ending rate increases. None of the other fake panics have worked over the past couple of months. The 'preventative cuts' were useless in appeasement. The scammers look upon them as weakness and opportunity. The FOMC remains cowardly and wrapped up in useless models. Gee Whiz fake economics with the proper intimidation tactics are a sure thing. Bloomberg will assist by adding unrelenting shrillness just like Pravda supported the old Soviet Union.. Recession! .... Recession! Recession is the next project / tactic / fake economics ploy. Since the other scams have not worked, this one will toss in the kitchen sink like last year ... 20% to 30% fall in financial markets, yet a respectable year over year gain in all by 12/31. Just like always. Just like every dip for the past several years since the original Taper Tantrum. Very reliable. The FOMC could be made to act as houseboys / housegirls for Globalists and/or Draghi, each dressed in a French Maid outfit, or so it appears. Note to Globalists: Thanks for the cheap oil. Normal people don't think of low oil prices as a cause to panic. That's only a Wall Street figment of imagination. Too bad about the Saudi kerfluffle.

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