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Power Outage to cause Bank Holidays & Bank Runs in California & All Over America

Chances are increasing that power outage, bank holidays or bank runs could occur in the U.S. and abroad, considering the more severe weather patterns and aging infrastructure that has been more visible recently. Just like wearing a seat-belt and buying car insurance, preparing for a disaster or power outage should not be looked at as some fringe or conspiratorial idea. In this video report, we discuss the recent power outages in California, the fire risk power outages, and also the risk for bank runs and bank holidays, considering systemically risky banks such as Deutsche Bank appear to be on the verge of disaster. Welcome to The Atlantis Report. This is and will continue to happen in America. All banks have broken laws, and the government set us all up as Americans' money is no longer insured nor guaranteed. I'm glad I have no accounts. Checks and credit cards will be worthless. Money in accounts will be set to zero. If you have money in a bank, remove it quickly if you have checks cash them quickly and hold the money or buy gold and silver. This shit is for real and will affect every citizen. In the U.S., the banks can legally take your money if they should fall on hard times under the Dood-Frank Reform act and you do not get it back. If you're in Canada and the banks fall on hard times they can legally take some of your assets under the 2018 bale-in law. I call both of these laws the robbery law. this is the type of government that you trusted to look after your most important asset which is your money .Like Robert Kiyosaki once said only have in the bank what you need to pay your bills or lose it all when the great depression comes. your choice. And if you leave it in as soon as the bank runs start, they close the doors and the A.T.M.s anyway. Physical gold and silver or gold ETFs or gold futures are the only way to go to protect your wealth as your dollar buying power will eventually go to zero anyway. THE BANK ALL OVER THE WORLD ARE FAILING AT THE SAME TIME. FIRST It WAS THE AMERICA BANKS THAT NEED THE FED TO BAIL THEM OUT WITH $75 billion PER DAY, AND NOW THE 2ND BANK RUN THAT HAS LEFT THE PEOPLE WITHOUT ANY MONEY AND CAPITAL CONTROL! California is suffering way too many power outages recently. And you know that when there is a power outage there are no banks open no ATMs , nothing .It is like a bank holiday .California is to my understanding the testing ground for an american bank holiday . Californians on Wednesday found themselves facing winds, wildfires, and darkness from yet another power outage that hit more than 1 million people. Frustration and anger mounted across Northern California as Pacific Gas & Electric Co. (PG&E), the state's largest utility, began the third round of sweeping blackouts in a week aimed at preventing its electrical equipment from being fouled by wind-whipped branches or toppling and sparking wildfires, A.P.P. reported. PG&E said Tuesday's blackouts would affect about 1.5 million people in some 30 counties, including the Sierra foothills, wine country, and San Francisco Bay Area. They included 1 million still without power from a shutoff over the weekend. With no electricity for the fourth straight day, chef and caterer Jane Sykes realized she would have to throw out $1,000 worth of food, including trays of brownies, cupcakes, and puff pastry. PG&E officials said they understood the hardships caused by the safety blackouts but continued to insist they were necessary. In the north of San Francisco, firefighters coped gusts while tackling a wildfire that has burned 86 homes and charred an area more than twice the size of San Francisco. About 90,000 buildings remained threatened. More than 150,000 people were under evacuation orders. Winds topped out at 70 mph (112 kph) north of San Francisco Bay and began to ease early Wednesday, but forecasters said fire danger would remain because of continuing breezes and arid air. In Southern California, Santa Ana winds developed more slowly Wednesday than expected but were topping 50 mph (80 kph) in some areas before dawn. The National Weather Service said the strongest winds were to the west of the section of Los Angeles, where a wildfire destroyed a dozen homes on Monday. About 9,000 people, including Arnold Schwarzenegger and LeBron James, remained under evacuation orders. That fire was caused when a dry branch from a eucalyptus tree was flung 30 feet (9 meters) by high winds into a city Department of Water and Power line, which short-circuited and sparked, the utility and Fire Department announced Tuesday. The power line had been operating safely, and the D.W.P. had cut away brush and trees from around the track, officials said. Mayor Eric Garcetti called it an "act of God." The National Weather Service called an extreme red flag warning for much of Southern California through Thursday evening, with some wind gusts reaching 80 mph (128.74 kph). It could be the most active wind event in years. Coupled with tinder-dry brush and low humidity, they could blow the smoldering fire back to life and spread embers to start new blazes, authorities warned. Southern California Edison, which had previously made safety shutoffs and then restored power, cut power to 38,000 customers and warned that it could blackout more than 300,000 customers, or some 600,000 people. Also Tuesday, Edison announced in a quarterly earnings report that it was "likely" its equipment caused last year's Woolsey Fire, which killed three people and destroyed hundreds of homes in a swatch stretching from north of Los Angeles south through Malibu to the sea. No deaths were reported from the current fires, but weekend gusts may have claimed three lives. A 55-year-old homeless woman was crushed by a falling tree during high winds Sunday at a Santa Cruz campsite, and a couple was killed the same day in a remote area of Madera County when a tree fell on their Jeep, which then crashed. The banks think selling their fraudulent securities to the F.E.D. absolves them of their crimes. It does not. An insider traded pump & dump is a crime. Between 2001 and 2007, buyers were sold real-estate priced in a market that was artificially pumped up by currency created from signatories with the unverified capacity to pay and packaged into financial securities composed of unverified mortgages. Banks knowingly created these fraudulent securities which they sold for a profit, which is unjust enrichment. The banks then took positions in the market to profit when these fraudulent securities failed. The banks knew these securities would fail since they knew they were based on fraudulent mortgages. Since the public did not have this inside information, the banks were trading on non-public information. This is criminal insider trading. Furthermore, when Brooksley Born attempted to "protect the money of the American public" by regulating derivatives of these fraudulent mortgages backed securities, Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan, and Treasury Secretaries Robert Rubin (both of whom later admitted they were wrong in doing so) strenuously opposed such regulation. Brooksley Born resigned her post at the CFTC when Congress passed legislation to prevent management of these fraudulent securities. In doing so, the government aided and abetted the banks in the Commission of these crimes. Aiding and abetting a crime is a crime. Furthermore, Article I, Section 9, Clause 7U.S.S. Constitution states: "No money shall be drawn from the treasury, but in consequence of appropriations made by law; and a regular statement and account of receipts and expenditures of all public money shall be published from time to time." Dr. Mark Skidmore and Catherine Austin Fitts documented 21 Trillion dollars missing from the U.S. government. The Fed and their member banks are transacting government money outside the law. please remain vigilant be prepared ,understand that these banks do not have your money, and this is why I have always recommended, I think each and every one of you should have at least $10,000 in cash on hand if not more at any one time as an emergency fund .keep it in a safe place. I think that you should have gold. I also think you should be looking at Bitcoin cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies as they are backed by an algorithm and encryption and mathematical proofs. this is something that the current monetary system doesn't have. and that's why companies like the Bank of America just like in California there's a blackout with millions and millions of Californians with no electricity Total manipulation and distraction by the elite to keep their status while everything burns. Central banks have all over the world were flooding credit. For decades, if not longer. There is more credit, knee-high than customers. What were junk bonds, ugly girls, are now with excess world credit looking like beautiful models. Wall Street, like Washington, is completely disconnected from reality. They are major money-laundering centers of fraud, recycling Wahhabi dollars like a financial bordello for elites. Wall Street lives in La-La-Land. Meanwhile, in real America, life is not so rosy as Trump and his 1% club claim it's going. Everywhere you travel in America, and it's tough to find any community outside of the vicinity of Wall Street in New York City that is getting any of the benefits of the "Bull Market" you see on Wall Street. There has never been a moment like this for so many reasons, starting with the unlimited printing of currency. This economy is a game of musical chairs. There are at least two hundred participants for every chair. It is going to be quite a spectacle when the music stops. By mid-September, if not sooner, that bubble will pop, and the Bond bubble will pop quickly thereafter, and the U.S. Dollar will begin a 50% dive into the abyss of worthlessness. And when the Market goes down, it will be to strip pensions and 401K's, certainly not the one percent. The storm clouds are looming, and disaster could strike at any time. This is one of the most critical times in the history of our nation, and most Americans are completely unprepared for what is going to happen next." The banks have tons of cashback since 2008. The feds pumped injection $4.5 trillion. And by just depositing it in a bank, the bank can loan out ten times that amount. Those 45 trillion dollars. Where did this go? They buy treasury bonds at 1-2%. They purchased the stock market up and down over 75% of it. They buy gold and silver down. They bought bitcoin into existence. And the latest repo added up to another 5 trillion they have vast amounts of cash, but they only loan it out to the deep state.

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