Sunday, October 13, 2019

America an Empire Drowning in Debt -- Total Debt already 2000% of GDP

The US total debt is more than the GDP of every country in the world combined. We are a dying nation . Private analysts have for years been stating that the combined US foreign and domestic debt was astronomical. In 2014 American university professors stated that it was 222 trillion dollars. Now a new report suggests that the real US debt level may be $400 trillion, or 20 times higher than the country’s gross domestic product. The calculation includes government, state, local, financial and so-called entitlement debt. Welcome to The Atlantis Report . AB Bernstein, a global asset management firm based on Wall Street, came up with these figures by including in its analysis not only traditional levels of public debt, such as bonds, but also financial debt as well as future obligations for entitlement programs. These include social security, Medicare and public pensions. In its report, AB Bernstein took debt from a number of sources and compared it to GDP. Using this methodology, federal, state and local government debt combined amounted to 100 percent of GDP. Households and firms accounted for 150 percent, while debt held by financial firms came to 450 percent. Another 27 percent came from trusts for social insurance programs, 484 percent from promises under current social insurance programs, and 633 percent from obligations for social programs. The total debt therefore amounted to 1,832 percent. “US debt is large. And it’s growing. But if we want to think about debt problems (in any sector – sovereign, households, firms or financials), the conditions rather than the levels are more significant,” the report said . It suggests that, although the figures seem depressingly large, it is important to understand that not all of the debt obligations are concrete, and there may be leeway. This is especially true for the government programs, which form the biggest potential debt but can be changed by legislation or accounting. “Debt problems could, arguably would have, already happened at lower levels of debt if the macro conditions forced it” . Crisis measures work both ways. An apparently smaller level of debt can cause major problems at a time when the economy is at its weakest, for instance in a financial crisis. At the same time, larger levels of debt can be harmless if other conditions, for example leverage levels, or debt to capital, are sustainable. The total federal outstanding US debt has recently jumped to $22.5 trillion, or about 106 percent of GDP . Without the intergovernmental obligations, debt held by the public amounts to $16.7 trillion, or 78 percent of GDP. “A default on US treasury bonds would be catastrophic to the global economy ”. Borrow a trillion dollars a year. Transfer a trillion dollars a year to the billionaires . Add a trillion dollars to the debt of the grandchildren . What could go wrong . Further we kick the empty can , the bigger the pain will be . Or the bigger we inflate the balloon the bigger the boom will be when explodes . And the next step is negative interest rates. That way, Trump thinks, others will pay us to borrow their money. This is what happens when you sink all you money on military and police and 23 trillion of that is unaccountable by the military. Last but not least wait and see when a real audit is made on the supposedly 8000 tons of gold !!! Technically the US Dollar has been in the ICU since Petrodollar back in 1971! it is pretty obvious why there has not been a real and honest audit. It would prove that big lies were told and big crimes committed and the consequences for the prepers and even the public in general would be serious indeed. Debt intentionally grows out of control. They are going to force re-set with a digital currency that the criminal elites have 100% control over. Total world domination is their goal. And they are going to get it if people don't wake up soon! Private petrodollar reserve currency backed by military force and extortion of spy agencies. Running a country is like organized crime cartel. If you can't afford to repay your debt pick a fight with the countries you owe money to and all debts are void. The only way for the USA to fix to kill it's creditors. Will the USA start World War 3 to wipe the slate clean ? War is coming folks .

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