Europe jumps on the De-Dollarization Bandwagon

Global tensions caused by economic sanctions and trade conflicts triggered by Washington have forced targeted countries to take a fresh look at alternative payment systems currently dominated by the US dollar. The globalist banksters have "weaponized" the petro-dollar to the point that many countries are trying to get away from the dollar. It will take a while, perhaps years, but the dollar is DEAD. Why Europe, China, and Russia are speeding up the process of de-dollarization can be understood only if the significance of the Iran deal is properly understood. Iran is, above all, a case study in what Washington can do to you if you expose yourself to the US dollar for better or for worse. Tehran would not, of course, be considered particularly US-friendly. But in order to participate in international trade, the Iranians had to rely on the US dollar and the SWIFT system, which handles international payments. SWIFT belongs to an international banking consortium and is even based in Belgium – within the EU. Nevertheless, the USA was able to build up enough pressure to exclude Iran from SWIFT. That’s what the governor of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB), Ewald Nowotny, means when he says: “The United States is massively using the dollar as a weapon. And with every transaction in dollars one is obliged to follow the American sanctions against Iran, for example. Even if the USA is not directly involved in a trade. For example, when it comes to oil exports to a European country." Europe, China, Russia and many small countries set new initiatives every year to make themselves independent. And gold, too, plays a major role in this slow departure from the US dollar. But for the world financial system, none of their currencies offer a viable, fully-fledged alternative to the US dollar yet. China and Russia are buying European debt like crazy right now. They are also banking on that Europe will soon pivot eastward for large trade volumes. Many in Europe also expect this simply because it makes economic sense and even from a security point of view. The EU has no intention to start a war with Russia that is what the US and UK want. The US and UK are now quickly becoming less relevant. The list countries trying to rid themselves of the dollar should include Japan too. They are the second largest holder of U.S. Treasuries. Japan has been quietly dumping U.S. Treasuries, although they still use the U.S. dollar in international trade. What hasn't been said, most other countries are simply not buying U.S. Treasuries either. And the Saudis have threaten to dump their holdings, to keep the U.S. in line with its 1973 agreement of supporting the Saudis militarily. But, the Saudis and the UAE are toying with the idea of using the Chinese yuan in trade. At the last OPEC meeting in August, 9 of the 14 member nations of OPEC were wanting to pull away from the dollar. The Saudis were the major overriding holdout at that time. In 2016, Saudi Arabia became China’s top crude supplier, so it's very likely that China will get Saudi Arabia to trade oil in Yuans in the near future, which would represent a serious blow to the petrodollar. The dollar was doomed when it was weaponized. Obama weaponized the Dollar Reserve with Sanctions on Russia. That triggered the crash of the commodities markets as the dollar soared. The dollar should not have been weaponized. A Dollar reserve must be apolitical. When Trump came along he Sanctioned over 40% of the world population guaranteeing the demise of the dollar reserve. Obama Started it and Trump will finish it. The US dollar reserve was always supposed to be neutral. Gold for example is neutral. If you have gold you can trade it but with US SANCTIONS, if you have Dollars you may not be able to trade with the US and its poodles because Obama or Trump don't "like you". Maynard Keynes was afraid this would happen one day so he proposed the Bancor as a composite currency for Trade which was a basket of currencies rather than just the dollar. So now you have the WEAPONIZED DOLLAR. The weaponized Dollar is a National Security Risk for every nation that trades. Who knows when Trump will befriend you and you will have sanctions against you. At present Trump has sanctions on 30% of the World's population. His goal is to starve out the people as in the Hitler Stalingrad Siege. Thus De-Dollarization is the way countries can free themselves from the Tyrany of a weaponized dollar. Reserve Currency has always gone to the largest Trader. That is now China. Why? Because the largest trader can dictate the currency of the contract. Australia now trades coal and Iron ore in Yuan. But the Yuan does not have wide distribution that the dollar has. The dollar has been the primary reserve currency since 1945. Before that it was the pound, the French and the Spanish. China is in the final stages of making a digital yuan. This has the capacity to convert any currencies into instant digital Yuan. It is unnecessary to print actually currency as the dollar reserve has done over the last 74 years. They can do it instantly. Other forms of payment like Alipay or Paypal are also digital exchange platforms. So converting in and out of dollars is quite easy. The BitCoin is not a currency, it is akin to Traveler's checks so its speculation makes it unsuitable as a currency. People will lose their money on that speculation. What do dollars offer? Confidential cash transactions. Money laundering and universal acceptance. The cons: they may be manipulate, stolen, and weaponized. The dollar weaponization has become a national security risk for all nations of the world. So its demise is assured. The seeds have been planted. Also note the US reluctance to develop a crypto. Why? They want to spy on all your transactions in the US and yet retain laundering capability outside the USA. It is a weapon both against you in the USA and to the world outside the USA. There is now competition for the Dollar Reserve and each year the dollar weakens. The Euro could have replaced the dollar in about 1/3 of the world but the EU is dependent on the US with NATO. This political entanglement prevents that. Then we have petro giant Russia very interested in dumping the dollar, can exchange in oil and now the Yuan. A Digital Yuan is a pegged digital currency so its value will not fluctuate with currency movements. It can't be laundered. The next major crisis will kill the dollar. There are two things that can throw the U.S. dollar immediately in the tank: #1. The massive debt that the U.S. has accumulated and the continued devaluation of the dollar by printing more money. No one wants to be hanging on to a currency that keeps loosing its value, or accepting the U.S. to pay off its debt in funny money. #2. If someone convinces OPEC not to back the dollar any longer, and see what happens over-night. It won't be any creeping loss of confidence, but rather, everyone will be lining up rapidly to dump the dollar or anything else with a stamp of made in the USA on it. The globalist banksters have "weaponized" the petro-dollar to the point that many countries are trying to get away from the dollar. It will take a while, perhaps years, but the dollar is DEAD. These banksters, who are supposed to be so smart, are actually stupid. They did it to themselves. This Was The Atlantis Report . Please Like . Share . and Subscribe . Thank You ....

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