Marc Faber: God Bull Run Begun & Financial Turmoils Ahead !!

Doctor Marc Faber warned recently in a radio interview that a Financial Turmoil is Ahead, and Gold is My Largest Single Holding he said . I think that a new gold bull market has begun, but there isn’t much enthusiasm for buying gold and gold shares yet. I am saying ‘yet’ – most of the speculators in the last 12 months went into cryptocurrencies,” said Marc Faber. He advised holding 10 to 25 per cent of investible assets in gold. “I think investors will come back to gold when they realize that the deficit in the Western countries, particularly in the US, is too large and sooner or later will necessitate more money printing.” “It’s ludicrous to think that slashing rates will get people to spend.” When rates are low, he says, you feel insecure as savings earn nothing. So, “you save more” Doctor Faber also told GoldCore in a webinar how he will “never sell his gold”, he buys “more every month” and he believes owning gold in vaults in Singapore “is the safest way to own gold .” Marc Faber is an economic authority on global macroeconomics, capital markets, and investment and the Editor & Publisher of "The Gloom Boom and Doom Report".

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