ROBERT DAVID STEELE: What Trump's About To Do Is SHOCKING! (Powerful Interview) - THE ENCORE!

Robert David Steele is an American hero! This interview is one of his best interviews and it needs to be distributed far and wide. It covers so much ground. I know for a fact that RDS can go much deeper into these subjects and I am hoping that Michelle is serious when she mentioned at the end having a series with RDS. That would be amazing!

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  1. Outlaw AIPAC (why such disproportional "cooperation" with only ONE group of people), outlaw dual citizenship, outlaw Islam, expel all illegals asap, legalize drugs to some extend, then the resulting cost savings are more than enough to build an excelllent wall, to make the food/water healthy and many other infrastructure improvements. Abolish the FEDs, money creation under government control, and see the miracle of a booming economy, the best ever.


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