Deutsche Bank -- The Crash of Century is Happening !!

International banking colossus Deutsche Bank has a track record of deploying illegal financial trading, money laundering, and shady offshore tax shelters in the service of the global elite. .Deutsche Bank's notional derivative exposure is estimated at $49 TRILLION. In my opinion Deutsche Bank fall from grace began on 6-4-1999 when it acquired Bankers Trust Company (BTCo) that promptly joined the Federal Felons list (SDNY- 250-CR-1999), Their fine was $19 million , which capped Deutsche Bank’s criminal liability with their ‘Uncle’ picking up the rest of the tab that became exceedingly pricey but still less than a BTCo bailout! The ‘banksters’ at BTCo had been a booster of Enron under CEO Frank Newman and handled many ‘transactions’ for them. And lets not overlook that Enron ‘stock’ was one of the top 10 holdings in BTCo’s Trust Accounts! Wonder how that worked out for the Trust Accounts? . BTCo and Deutsche Bank are serial felons and criminals and as such should not be serving in any Fiduciary Capacity whatsoever! . However, some how by means of the ‘Magic Circle’ and ‘Silver Circle’ they work their magic! . Notwithstanding the US Labor Dept has for years given them “Free Passes” in the form of ‘Rubber Stamped Exemptions” so that they may continue to “manage” the Trillions of dollars in ERISA Pension Funds that they control. When does this scam stop and when is there total accountability!. Deutsche Bank is merely an ATM for the Federal Regulators!. Felons/Criminals are prohibited from being Fiduciaries . Deutsche Bank has engaged in, for years, the facilitation of tax evasion by wealthy people whether it’s facilitating money laundering, mirror trades for wealthy Russian oligarchs, or by engaging in the sale and promotion of tax shelters for wealthy Americans. They’ve been heavily engaged in doing that. That’s just one more service that Deutsche Bank has provided with little consideration as to the fact that they may well have entered into tax evasion or actually committing crimes in servicing their client. The Emperor Has No Clothes! .Since Deutsche Bank rigged LIBOR they must think they can rig anything! . Not to mention that Deutsche Bank Shorted United and American Airlines Share just BEFORE the 9/11 Attacks in 2001. Deutsche Bank, was suspected and already fined for CIA KGB MOB money laundering weapons of mathematically perfected, Old World Order's, Corporate Military Industrial fascist, fiat paper deficit debt, monetary theory fraud's flim flam bucket shop operations warring upon the People. Jared Kushner, carved out worthless Mortgage Backed Securities recently and sold them off through Deutsche Bank , of course ! Deutsche Bank loaned $300 Millions to Donald Trump , and played a prominent role in a money laundering scandal run by Russian criminals with ties to the Kremlin, the British paper The Guardian revealed in March 2017 . Clinton ,Bush ,Trump , still owes hundreds of millions to including but not limited to, through of course, one tranche of Mortgage Back Securities "financing" wink wink nod nod : Deutsche Bank !! All that Debt will be hung around the necks of the "investors" first and the Public second , when they implode. They are "winding down" the Deutsche Bank bucket shop, bleaching their operations and CIA KGB MOB and Trump walks and the People will be left holding the bags; for the millionth time. Same as it ever was. A derivatives book of $49 trillion , can you imagine !? Wells Fargo couldn't handle 10 billion in derivatives. Deutsche Bank probably has 20% in nonperforming loans. The French bank BNP has basically pulled out of Italy.... the rumor is they have 40% nonperforming loans there. We are talking about EU banks here. The Feds bailed out the American banks and gave them a free ride.... The crash is coming make no mistake about that.

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