Bank Runs , WW3 and Economic Collapse Looming !!

Dangerous Heat Wave Hits America . DC TURNS into a Death Valley... Computer failure cripples subway lines in latest New York City chaos...There has been 2 power outages in California this weekend . No power in New York City for 3 days . Insolvent Puerto Rico is now imploding with riots .Ebola strikes another vaccinated Health Care worker . Iran announces capture of British oil tanker . I find this trouble with Iran and Epstein happening at about the same time kind of a strange coincidence. Epstein is probably just a distraction. My guess is that The War with Iran is closer at hand .The horsemen of the apocalypse ready for their ride that will end in two billion dead . All this happening , And most Americans are sleepwalking through what is going on. The dollar already lost 95% of it's original value in less than a 100 years , and countries like Iran are moving away from the Petro dollar. This time the US isn't powerful enough to force countries to trade through it's currency like in the early 90's , when Saddam was selling oil using Gold Dinars. Iran is holding all the cards and they know it. They could easily close all shipping in the Straights of Hormuz which would send oil from it's current 60$ per barrel to well over 300$ . Five fold minimum increase in gas prices. That could very well be the watershed moment that collapses the world economy. The interruption of commerce would be a great way to cull the herd . The zombie apocalypse is almost here . Think about the Chaos that would ensue if the middle class knew that their 401k and pensions will lose over fifty percent of their value. And due to Trump's tax plan we were at $ 19 trillion debt in a little over two years as he predicted we are over $ 21 trillion in debt now. It was a self fulling prophecy. Trump said it and made it happen. The big problem is that there is no room to maneuver in case of a looming recession , we have one every 10 years and we are in the 10th year , and the Trump tax cuts might have taken down the only tool left even-though it was not the best one . That $2 Trillion in the hand of the middle and lower class instead of the Rich could have kept or at least alleviate the drop that is coming. The irony is that they may actually have to raise taxes during the next recession to pay to keep the government functioning. The whole western civilization has been living on an unrealistic debt balloon for the past 50 years and it has been accelerating. How is it possible so many people worked their whole lives and have negative net equity? People are retiring with more debt than savings and expect to just keep borrowing till you die. Debt. Massive debt. Spending. Uncontrolled spending. It’s a debt based system. The next recession will hit like a sledgehammer, and obliterate this Ponzi dollar based wasteful "economy". the trumpcession, like the bushcession, will change things forever . thank you ....

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