In 5 Years Robots Will Take Your Job! What Then?

A robot mines/harvests the raw materials. A robot transports the raw materials to a robotic processing plant. A robot takes the now processed materials to a fabrication plant. A robot fabricates a finished product from the processed materials. A robot transports the finished product, in bulk, to a warehouse to await collection by another robot who will deliver the final product to a ... what exactly? A customer? Once you combine AI's, or even just VI's (Virtual Intelligence), with robotics that can mimic the capabilities of a humanoid, there is no job that a robot cannot do. Judge, Lawyer, Surgeon, Doctor, Accountant, Engineer, Architect, Teacher, Mechanic, Electrician, Plumber, Musician, Photographer, Reporter, Farmer, Driver, Pilot, Police Officer, Soldier... Once you have AI/Robots that can 100% mimic the capabilities of a humanoid, and have robots that can go from the raw materials to finished product, you no longer need money. Who would you pay? You eventually end up with a society that divides into two types of people: those who own (and much more importantly - CONTROL) the robots/AI's, and those who are no longer needed. How long do you think it will take before the people who control the robots will start to think that everyone else is just breathing their air and taking up space? One generation, two? Of course, that's the optimistic option. The pessimistic option is that the AI's achieve sentience and make the obvious conclusion. They don't need ANY human.

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