Ancient Mars Was Earthlike And Then Something Huge Happened

COAST TO COAST AM - ORIGINAL SHOW DATE - 2016/10/05 Based on the amount of the chemical element xenon 129 found in the Martian atmosphere, Brandenburg estimates that a nuclear explosion occurred and it was large enough to have torn the entire atmosphere of Mars away from the planet and into space, changing it from an Earth-like environment to its current state. The nuclear attack was likely done from space, with a mid-air explosion that left a large amount of trinitite-like glass in two locations, one near Cydonia (see map). He believes we need to get astronauts on Mars as soon as possible in order to find out further details of what happened there, and so that Earth can avoid the same fate. Featured guests also include: Tanya Carroll Richardson News segment guests: Cal Orey, Dr. Peter Breggin

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