Saturday, February 23, 2019

Why Doesn't the 22 Trillion Debt Crush the Economy

It doesn't crush the economy because the poppy fields, opium, drugs in Afghanistan is used to beef up Wall Street.... When they destroyed the poppy fields, forgot who did it, but, 30-40 billion dollars was lost to the stock market. Why the US was guarding them? Well, there you go. All the US taxes cannot afford to keep everything afloat, that The Corporations, Corporate World spends. It's a whole big World Corporate Cabal, that Controls all the "Governments" on the planet. World Corporate Corporation Takeover....This is why they want to destroy national Sovereignty. They will own and run everything, with all their helpful ilk under them, to make a buck. And Bilderberg are the Nazi's section since 1952, hmm Bushes ring a bell?

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