Monday, February 25, 2019

The Third Secret of Fatima is So Shocking They Cannot Reveal It!

 COAST TO COAST AM. Stark discussed the life of Sister Lucia Santos, who was the last surviving member of the group of children who witnessed the Miracle and said that they received messages from the apparition. In the early 1940s, she was asked to reveal the Third Secret, but apparently found it "far too horrific to write down." Eventually, she did record it, but declared it could not be revealed until 1960. In 2002, the Vatican released what it said was the secret, but some who claimed to have seen the prophecy (such as frequent Coast guest the late Father Malachi Martin) declared that it revealed there would be a great crisis of faith in the Church, as well as a "level of suffering throughout the entire world, that the world has never seen before," Stark said. Both guests are convinced that elements in the Vatican are keeping the actual Third Secret under wraps in a bid to secularize and weaken the authority of the Church and faith of Catholics worldwide.

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