Jeff and Catherine Austin Fitts - What Can I Do?

ALL, this so-called ‘government’, corruption and endless fraud and theft goes away when the American debt-slave finally understands that ... THERE IS NO GOVERNMENT at any level. There is only a private foreign (Rothschild) owned off-shore hostile, invading and occupational criminal bankster/military cartel that has been fraudulently masquerading as in ‘pretending’ to be our sovereign Constitutional Republic since 1871, the largely finalized by 1913 under the bogus Federal Reserve ‘ACT’. An ‘ACT’, is not ‘Law’, and ‘ACT’ is merely ‘Corporate Policy’, and nothing more. ((( THEY ))) are creating ‘ACTS’ because, they are ‘actors’, in costumes on a stage i.e., federal judges, attorneys, police, political whores ect., and ((( THEY ))) get away with it because, WE are ignorant, dumbed-down, lazy, cowardly mind-controlled and apathetic. Everything WE have been indoctrinated to falsely believe is ‘government’ is in-fact a Rothschild held (as in captive) occupied spoils of war (under default and bankruptcy) corporation and nothing more. A mere ‘corporation’ or ‘corpse’, a dead entity on-paper has absolutely ZERO lawful authority, jurisdiction or lawful interstate nexus to dictate ANYTHING other than on their own corporate property END OF STORY.

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